Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

If there's anything that Wise Owl + Sly Fox are good at, it's shopping. Our Gimme! Gimme! list is a collection of items that if we had all of the money in the world, we would buy. 

To view any of the items below, click on the hyperlink in the caption of any picture. 

Wise Owl's Picks - 

I looove this Fossil watch. I love that the color is different from your usual silvers and golds, but the green still seems neutral enough to wear every day. - $135

Another Fossil item. I saw this bag at Younker's a few weeks ago and instantly wanted it. The sea foam color makes it great for spring. - $198

These Keds for Madewell are sooo adorable. I am a huge fan of bright colors and I especially love the mix of stripes on the  middle pair. At an affordable $50, I just may end up buying a pair...or two.

If I had the money, I would buy this Frames and Fortune dress from Modcloth and I would wear it every day. I love the playful print and the classic cut and the countless ways it could be styled - $244.99

Another Modcloth pick, can you tell what mailing lists I'm on? I love these

Sly Fox's Picks -

I'm loving this shearling coat from It looks unbelievably comfortable and warm. It would be a great layering piece for those days you want to spice up your wardrobe with a little funk - Unfortunately it's not available anymore so it will have to stay in my dreams

Color Blocking has been all the rage for the last few seasons. This tasteful dress is simple and classic while also emanating that fun, girly air achieved by color blocking - $128
Sly Fox bought these fantastically girly glitter shoes a few weeks ago. They make me feel like I'm going to a disco in the 70's but also a little punk rock (well pretty punk rock that is) - $39
Estee Lauder released this limited edition lipstick inspired by the Mad Men series. It's a great pop of color worthy of any modern day woman who wants to indulge in the nostalgia of the 50's and 60's - $25
Another great piece of jewelry from Goldsmith Silversmith. A little rock and roll, but also clean, modern and neutral. These earrings would go with every outfit but are also unique enough to keep your womanly mystery alive - $430

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Becoming a Dog Owner - A Love Story

In the world of Wise Owl + Sly Fox, there is no better friend or more adorable accessory than our dogs. The decision to become a dog owner is one that shouldn't be taken lightly and the more that our friends become parents, the more it's clear to us that owning a dog is much like having a child. 

We know for a lot of people that last statement seems ridiculous and absurd, but come on, you have to clean up their messes (which often involves poop), you have to feed them because they can't feed themselves, they sleep a lot but are awake and loud when you're trying to sleep, they like to play fetch, and the older they get, the easier it gets to care for them. There's also all of the planning that goes into both raising children and owning a dog. Outside of the planning and purchases and all of the other preparation to ready yourself and your home for when your new bundle of joy arrives, there are basic preliminary questions you need to ask yourself, the most important being, "Am I ready for the responsibility?"

Both Wise Owl + Sly Fox found different times in their lives to expand our self-created families. Below are our own personal stories as to how we became the luckiest girls in the world by opening up our hearts to two very special furry companions.


Owner: Sly Fox
Date of Birth: January 10, 2008
Breed: Labrador / Poodle Mix (Labradoodle)
Weight: 70 lbs. 

I had known for years that I had wanted a dog of my own and I knew that I wanted to get a puppy (and a big puppy at that). Before I went to even look at puppies, I did some research. I wanted to know more about different breeds and how their characteristics and personality tendencies would fit into my lifestyle. I was a junior in college when I started this process, so I had the extra time to really train my to-be dog as well as take the time to make sure he was properly exercised. I always knew I wanted a boy dog, I think because my family had a boy dog when I was growing up, but secretly because I knew if nothing else, my dog could be my boyfriend.  

I used a lot of different resources to find information about what type of dog would suit me best. Websites like Puppy Finder and the Nebraska Humane Society were great resources because they had extensive information regarding each breed as well as little quizzes you could take and based on your personality type and various other criteria they would recommend what type of dog would be best for you. Based on my research I I knew I either wanted a Labradoodle or a Weimaraner. I wanted a dog who had energy, but not a crazy amount and one that could be easily trained. I also took into consideration the grooming of each pet (anything mixed with a poodle will be less likely to shed and therefore more hypoallergenic), their life expectancy and their common ailments (poor Bebop will eventually have hip dysplaysia). I mulled over the two dog breeds for some time, I went to the dog park to see if I could catch any playing to see how they interacted with other dogs and I started going to the Humane Society and pet stores to see if I liked one more than the other, when finally one magical day I saw an ad in the newspaper for a breeder coming to the Omaha area from Falls City, Nebraska with a litter of 8 Labradoodle puppies.

This was it, I was ready to buy a dog. I went to the address where the breeder was going to be that weekend and when we pulled up to the house there were these little fur balls running around all gangly-like bumping into each other, bopping around, smelling the grass and being all sorts of cute. The breeder told me that Bebop's father was the poodle while his mother was the Labrador and that all of the pups were only 8 weeks old. Bebop's litter produced 4 brown and 4 black puppies, only one girl was left in the batch. First I ruled out the black pups because I loved how the brown pups were brown all over - brown fur, brown noses, and brown eyes. I spotted Bebop because he had a wet patch on the flank of his right side, like one of his brothers had licked him. 

It was love at first sight. He had so much energy and was so rambunctious that I knew he was meant to be my dog. So I told the breeder, "I'll take the wet one," stuck him in the backseat of the car and started back home. Bebop was quiet almost the entire ride home, I sat next to him in the back, well rather he sat on me, he was really into lying on people those days, which was fine since at that point he was only 25 pounds. He wanted me to hold his head the entire ride home, and I don't mean hold his head like a baby, I mean I held my hand under his chin for the entire half hour long drive home - this tactic would later be called "shelfing" and Bebop has shelved it all at this point from beds to people to couches to tables, you name it I bet he's shelved it.

The first night we spent together wasn't completely awful. I tried to kennel train him, but damnit he was just too loud, too cute, and too desperate (funny that's usually what I looked for in a guy to take home from the bar). I let him  up on the bed and when I awoke the next morning Bebop literally had his face lying lightly across my throat while the rest of his body was on my pillow next to my head. I MEAN HOW FUCKING CUTE IS THAT?! The next few months (hell few years) was an entire process which required a lot of patience and love. Bebop took awhile to understand that he couldn't go to the bathroom inside and I spent months cleaning up his messes. He was goofy about going up stairs, he couldn't figure that out for months so every time I wanted to go to my room I had to pick him up and carry him upstairs. Luckily, there weren't any big health issues or scares, but one thing to keep in mind about getting your dog through a breeder is that they are not typically spayed or neutered. When Bebop was six months old I had the pleasure of taking him to the vet's and paying about $500 for the procedure. He came through it more than fine, but he did have to wear one of those dorky cones for awhile. I also had them remove his dewclaws because the nurse told me this awful story about the claws getting caught on something and then ripping off and the thought of that totally disgusted me.

Bebop has only been to one training class and that was Puppy Manners which he was allowed to take once he was six months old. I was in Lincoln at the time, so I signed up for the class via their non-credit program at the local community college. Bebop and I learned a lot at that class. He learned how to listen to me better and I learned how to control him. I can't under estimate the value of obedience classes. They simply work.

As the years progressed, Bebop began to calm down. He'll still run up to greet you at the door with his big wagging tail (that tail has caused many bruises on shins due to the pure force behind the excitement) but now he does not necessarily need to be on a leash if we're outside because he is over that "running away" stage of his life - mostly I think because I baby-ed him too much so he knows he wouldn't do too well in the outside world.

A lot of people ask me about his name, and I didn't realize there was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference until maybe my fourth visit to the dog park when someone asked me, "Bebop? Well where's Rock Steady?" Bebop is actually named for an anime show called Cowboy Bebop - haven't seen it? Check it out, for serious. 

Bebop is the sweetest dog I've met. He's calm and his eyes tell you exactly what he's thinking. He's my best friend, and he knows when I'm down and need some extra cuddle time. He hogs my bed every single night, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that furry bastard. 

 For more pictures of these adorable guys, check out our We Heart Our Pups page. And stay tuned for Part Two - When Kerry Met Ollie.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Well, folks, it's back to the daily grind. Trying to fight that Monday fatigue? I know we are. Here are some links to help dispose of some of that weariness. 

  • It would be impossibly NOT to mention the Oscars. Our favorite part? The fashion, of course. You can see all the red carpet looks here.Wise Owl though both Michelle Williams and Milla Jovovich killed it in their looks. (Vulture) 
  • And if you missed the show, we have saved you the time googling. Here's a list of all of this year's Academy Award winners. (Vulture)
  • Do yourself a favor and go visit Go Fug Yourself, critiques of celebrity fashion written by two hilarious ladies. This is a Wise Owl + Sly Fox favorite website that we both visit pretty much every day. We're not linking you to one particular post because every post is brilliant. They will be posting their critiques on the Oscars for the next few days.
  • Moving away from the Oscars, but to an iconic movie star, Vanity Fair interviews Brigitte Bardot. This is a great article about how Ms. Bardot walked away from acting in order to campaign for animal rights.
  • "I'm a no meat athlete" is an article about being both a vegetarian, and an athelete. While Wise Owl + Sly Fox won't be giving up meat anytime soon, we'd both like to focus on a mostly plant-based diet and this article give great inspiration on how to do so and stay healthy...and not just eat brownies cause they're meat-less. (Hello Giggles)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wind Down / Wound UP

Happy Friday! It's been a long week, but as the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and crew are getting wound up for the weekend!!

FRIDAY  February 24
  •  It's a very exciting weekend in Omaha as some of WO + SF favorite weekend hang outs are supporting Omaha's Equal Employment Ordinance which is an ordinance to add the LGBT community to the list of protected citizens to the city's current equal employment regulations. Please Support this Effort!! Both Wise Owl and Sly Fox have written to their city councilmen to hope to gain their support in passing this ordinance. On Friday night the below locations will host Equal Omaha Coalition representatives who will be handing out stickers and asking bar-goers to complete a postcard that the Equal Omaha Coalition will deliver to the Omaha City Council.
    Here's the list of places that are participating:
    - Krug Park

    - Flixx
    - The Max
    - The Waiting Room
  • House of Loom  is hosting an extra special EEO event which spotlights support for the ordinance as well as celebrates NYC’s underground gay dance clubs of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Did we mentioned there will probably be a lot of dancing? 
  • Another great cause to support is the American Red Cross which will be hosting a Disaster-Themed Bar Crawl stopping at various bars in Council Bluffs. $25 gets you admission and guess what? There's a competition involved (this has Wise Owl written all over it) in which guests play "minute to win it" type games to collect game pieces to survive various events including the zombie apocalypse (Sly Fox is very doubtful that "minute to win it" gaming skills will come in handy when the zombie apocalypse occurs, but that's another discussion). AND WHAT? AT THE END OF THE NIGHT YOU GET TO PLAY WORDS WITH FRIENDS?! How did they know to incorporate all of our favorite activities?!
  • Midnight Movies at the Dundee Theater have been a past time of Omaha's teenagers for quite some time now. WO + SF have seen their fair share of films during these late night hours, and never once have we been one of those idiots who puts their empty bottle of whatever on the floor and accidentally kicks it over in the middle of the movie so the rest of the audience has to listen to it roll all the way from the back of the theater to the front. I mean come on, it's called a flask people. Anyway, Fight Club is this week's feature so pack some band-aids and prepare to watch Brad Pitt spit blood all over that one guy, you know, this one.
SATURDAY February 25
  • The Durham Museum has been running Cut! Costume and the Cinema since December and we think it's about time we go check this exhibition out. We want to see anything that Angelica Houston wore or any of Kate Winslet's costumes in Sense and Sensibility (I mean come on, who wouldn't want to dress like this?) On Saturdays the Durham opens at 10 am. 
  • We talked about these guys last week but Rock Paper Dynamite is teaming with Snake Island! is just bound to rock your pants right off. Go up to the Waiting Room to check em out, show starts at 9 pm and it's only $7 brotha. 
  • If you're in Lincoln (but why would you be in Lincoln?) you have to promise us to go see Kill Country and Simon Joyner. We're seriously not going to say anything else because that one should honestly sell itself. It's happening at the Zoo Bar at 9 pm and it's only $8 kids. 
SUNDAY February 26
  • Madonna, Baz Luhrman, Lena Horne, and Eartha Kitt have all covered it - go see Marilyn Monroe in the performance that made the song famous by going to Filmstreams to see Gentlemen Prefer Blonds at 6:25 pm.
  • Award shows are our jam and the Oscars are like our fashion crack. What can we say? We love all things pretty and all things judge-y when things on that red carpet go right and wrong. Usually we would watch the Oscars from the safety of our own homes, but this year the Marcus Midtown Theater is airing the show and if the huge screen didn't make you feel VIP enough, for $20 you get appetizers, desserts and drink specials. We swear if you drink three $5 martinis that guy across the dessert bar will look exactly like George Clooney. Just remember, don't pull a Brad Pitt and spit blood all over him like this (What? We just wanted to make sure you remembered that scene).
Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eating Locally - A Beginner's Guide

Omaha is a great place to eat, which would probably explain why we’re all so overweight. Not only are there a lot of amazing local restaurants to indulge in a feeding frenzy at, but Omaha also has a comprehensive amount of grocery stores to do your shopping at - if you decide to dive into a culinary endeavor.

Wise Owl + Sly Fox are always looking for new recipes to try. Wise Owl’s cooking prowess is a little more developed than Sly Fox’s, but combining the two forces always brings delicious foods to the table. Last night, Wise Owl + Sly Fox met to try out some new recipes from Better Homes and Garden’s website. Typically, we choose what to make based on how long the ingredient list is and how long the dish takes to prepare because well, we’re impatient beings. For some reason, we tend to make a lot of appetizers like dips or baked onion rings or fried avocados, we’ve also gone on a big salad kick where each week we tried to mix different toppings and dressings to give a little pizazz to normal ol' healthy eating. If all else fails, one of us will pick up cheeses and a baguette to devour.

As we were saying, last night we made two new dishes (well actually Sly Fox’s dish was not new, we didn’t realize until we put the dip in the oven that we had definitely made it before). To make the process a little more interesting, we shopped at two different local stores. Wise Owl shopped at the ever popular Trader Joe’s - a chain of specialty retail grocery stores offering less expensive organic and healthier eating options. Sly Fox shopped at Wohlner’s - a neighborhood Grocery and Deli with two locations in Omaha, one in Aksarben and one in Midtown Crossing.

Wohlner's in Midtown is easy to access with free parking garage parking
The Basics:  Serving Omaha since 1918, Wohlner’s is Omaha’s oldest grocery store.
The Advantages: Wohlner’s has an unmatched meat department. Anything and Everything you would possibly want to buy meat wise is located here – steaks, salmon, liver, chicken, and a huge display of different kinds of sausages/brats is just something you don’t run into anywhere else in Omaha. 
Along with all of the meats comes an incredible stock of local and mass-produced meat cures, sauces, and seasonings. Sly Fox was also pleasantly surprised to find that Wohlner’s has a great selection of Asian and Mexican food options. She was FINALLY able to pick up a bottle of Sriracha, a staple in her residence, which is usually out of stock at the other local chain grocery stores.
The Drawbacks:  IT’S EXPENSIVE. Below is everything that Sly Fox picked up to make the dip, and the total for these items was $31 and some change.
Additionally, Sly Fox was not impressed with the produce selection. The Artichoke Asiago Cheese Dip recipe calls for green onions and as someone who purchases green onions almost every time she’s at the store (green onions are great on anything from quesadillas to omelets to sandwiches) she was very unimpressed with the selection to choose from at Wohlner’s as there were only three bundles left all of which looked like they were close to going bad.

Overall Experience: There is something to be said about shopping at a smaller market, you feel like you’re getting more local, fresh food and I am glad to know that they have a full wine, beer, and liquor section as well. Really, the only big hindrance on shopping at Wohlner’s is the price because neither Wise Owl nor Sly Fox are made of money. The service at Wohlner’s was superb and definitely had a feeling of Omaha.

Sly Fox made – Hot Artichoke and Asiago Cheese Dip (select the link to go to the recipe)
Ingredients and Food Processor
Mixing all of the Ingredients Together
The Finished Product

Trader Joe's
The Basics: This chain started in California in the 50's and is now nation wide. Their website touts their "innovative, hard-to-find, great-tasting foods." They keep their costs low, and thus our costs low, by selling their name brand items and buying directly from suppliers.

The Advantages: These stores are small so it's easy to memorize the lay out and if you are like Wise Owl and do your grocery shopping on your lunch break, you can get in and out of there quickly because you don't have to wander around a giant store. You can get pretty much all you could need or want from a grocery store, and then some. 

Let me talk about the and then some...TJ's has a GREAT cheese selection, and Wise Owl + Sly Fox love us some cheese. They have your standard cheeses in addition to unique, artisan cheeses. AND they're inexpensive so you can try things you might not have tried because they cost $20.00 per pound elsewhere. They have a modest produce section that you can find pretty much anything you would want in. But what I really like about Trader Joe's is their frozen section of already prepared foods. From orange chicken, to tamales, to mushroom ravioli, to French onion soup, to French toast, Trader Joe's has great tasting pre-made products that are fast and easy to make. Sometimes you just can't sit down and make pizza pockets but you do have 5 minutes to warm something up, and I would choose a Trader Joe's producct to microwave above most. I also love taking advantage of their inexpensive plants and flower bouquets to decorate my house with.

Finally, it's inexpensive! I love being able to try unique products and not pay up the ass in order to do so! I spent approximately $13.00 for the ingredients to make my pizza pockets. 

The Drawbacks: Like I said in the advantages, Trader Joe's has pretty much all you need. However, they did not have the ground sausage I needed for my pizza pockets. They only had sausage in casings and I actually ended up asking Sly Fox to pick me up some sausage from Wohlner's. There was also a time where I needed brown sugar and could not find any. It's really not a one-stop-shop like Super Target or Walmart.

Again, I know I said that Trader Joe's is inexpensive, and it IS. But, the staples in life, such as milk, eggs, flour, butter, ARE more expensive than say Hy-Vee or Baker's.

Overall Experience: I already loved going to Trader Joe's and my most recent experience there did not change my feelings. In addition to the ingredients I bought for my pizza pockets, I got a beautiful little orange begonia plant for $2.49, their amazing jalapeno basil hummus, and lemon cookies. I can't ever just buy what's on my list there.
Wise Owl made – Sausage and Mushroom Pizza Pockets (select the link to go to the recipe)
The Ingredients
The Delicious Filling
Pizza Pockets Before Baking

The Finished Product

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

If there's anything that Wise Owl + Sly Fox are good at, it's shopping. Our Gimme! Gimme! list is a collection of items that if we had all of the money in the world, we would buy. 

This week's focus is Spring Fashion. As New York fashion week is finally completed, Wise Owl + Sly Fox take the best of the season and apply it to our every day wardrobes. To view any of the items below, click on the hyperlink in the caption of any picture.

Wise Owl's Picks - 

Green is my favorite color, and I love the cut of this Modcloth dress - $182.99

I can't say I'm into boating, but I love this nautical knot rope necklace. The neutral white and gold would go great with all the Spring brights! - $34

Another Etsy find (I love Etsy), this silver and aquamarine ring is GOR-GEOUS. I love the off-set stone - $145

I love this shade of green and the delicate flower pattern on the Carolinae Top from Anthropologie- $98

I know, I know, more jewelry. I've been looking for a neutral, but interesting, every day necklace, and I am super in love with this black tourmaline and quartz pendant. Find it at Omaha's own Goldsmith Silversmith! (And then give it to me.) $280

Sly Fox's Picks - 
This Laser Cut Bracelet is simple, yet very spring with the yellow color - $28
From a Great Local Shop - Pretty Good Things this headband is very adorable for Spring - $30
I don't usually like Toms Shoes, but these, while technically in their "Wedding" section of their website are too adorable, just like ballet shoes - $54
This Vintage Mint Chanel bag is totally out of my price range - $799 - but it's just so pretty for the season
Adorable Little Black Dress currently on sale for only $24! Pair it with any of the above to add a pop of color

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Put Your Stamp On It - Keeping Friendships Interesting through Correspondance

Wise Owl + Sly Fox love old romance. Reading novels and watching films where the characters sit down by candlelight to write a letter confessing their love to an unattainable flame makes our knees weak. Correspondence is a bit of a lost art form, and as more of our friends move away from the town we call home, Wise Owl + Sly Fox are looking for fun and crafty ways to keep in contact with them.

Enter Samantha, a Omaha native who moved down to the Heart of Texas (Austin to be exact) a few years ago. Samantha is recently married, in fact Sly Fox was lucky enough to be a part of that very special day. Samantha's wedding was effortlessly beautiful and fun. One of the many intimate touches from that wedding were invitations and Thank You notes designed and assembled by the bride and groom. Samantha's husband not only designed the wedding invitations, but also created some great personal stationery for Samantha which includes cute silhouettes of their dogs George and Larry. 

One Saturday afternoon I went out to get the mail and saw a purple envelope in my mailbox. Enclosed was a letter from Samantha on her snazzy new stationery. Reading over her lovely letter I was reminded of a time when care packages full of mix tapes, letters, pictures, and possibly food were sometimes the only interaction you would have with a friend who lived in a different state, but an interaction that was still personal, cute, and funny. 

It took me forever to return Samantha's letter. I wrote a letter one Saturday and then two weeks later I realized I had never sent it. To make up for that fact, I put together my own little care package for Samantha including my initially letter, a letter of apology, a recent picture of Bebop, a hand-drawn letter from Bebop to George and Larry and finally one of my homemade Valentine's Day cards.

My letters to Samantha, a picture of Bebop and my little drawing of Bebop, George and Larry
 To add even more fun customization I drew on Samantha's envelope. 

Open Sesame...
So think of someone you know who lives out of town and send them a few items that will remind them of you and the place that you're from.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

What a fun weekend! We're definitely sad to see it go, especially since both Wise Owl + Sly Fox have to return to work on Monday, if you're lucky enough to have President's Day off - Enjoy! But for the rest of us, trying to fight that Monday fatigue? I know we are. Here are some links to help dispose of some of that weariness. 
  • Remember when we mentioned the amazing film Tiny Furniture? Here's a great interview with the film's creator and actress Lena Dunham. We may need to invest in cable to watch her new show Girls (AV Club
  • "I will finish what i sta" and "A burp is not an answer" are just a few of our favorite Bart Simpson Chalkboard quotes. Here's a full list of 'em to brighten your day (Buzzfeed)
  • America's Next Top Model is just one of those shows that we will always watch. Don't judge. After revisiting some of the most recent episodes on Hulu, we may be reading Tyra's book Modelland very soon. Here's an interesting review of the novel, but someone really should have helped Tyra out with the character names, I mean seriously what kind of name is Tookie de la Creme??
  • Mo Rocca is seriously hilarious and this interview with NPR about his TV special My Grandmother's Ravioli is adorable. I mean he met with a 73-year-old Filipina grandmother who sang Black Eyed Peas parodies. Old people are great. (NPR).
  • Larry David might be Sly Fox's idol (for all of the reasons found here) and surprisingly he only made #5 on this list of HBO's biggest assholes (Vulture). 
  • From Audrey Hepburn to Velma to Diane Keaton to Zooey Deschanel, check out The Quirky Girl Timeline for great clips from some of the best female characters. Zooey Deschanel is quite prevalent on the list and if you haven't watched New Girl yet, you must. It's a Wise Owl + Sly Fox favorite. (Huffington Post )
  • From the runway shows, to the models, to the parties, check out NY Mag for all the lowdown on Fashion Week. You can even search for runway looks by color or material! (New York Magazine)
Finally,  here are a few pictures from our weekend -

Sly Fox + Wise Owl at the Lancer's game on Friday night

We wanted this guys seat
Flying the Lancer's flag after we scored
Chi Tea Beer at Rock Bottom Cafe - Delicous!
Wise Owl caught this proud moment of Bebop while he was at Camp Bow Wow
Have a great week everybody!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wise Owl + Sly Fox Get Crafty - Handmade Argyle Wreaths

I'd say that both Sly Fox and I grew up making crafts, and loving it. She did the 4H thing, I was in Girl Scouts. I loved receiving any kind of craft kit as a present and I also had a great babysitter that would bring over a craft for us to do every time she sat for me and my brother. Wise Owl and Sly Fox forayed into crafting together this past holiday season. We made little paper trees ala Martha Stewart and decided to have a baking/crafting night with all of our lady friends. So one Sunday morning Sly Fox and I went to JoAnn's fabrics and stood in line with a million other ladies to get a Christ load of felt cut. We got yards of it. We...bought.too.much. And ever since then we have been looking for projects to use it in. And that's actually how this blog got started! One night we made some felt headbands using a tutorial from our favorite blogger and designer, Princess Lasertron, and I went home thinking that we would so start a blog about the things we make and read and see and do as real people. Real people who are not experts but who are admirers.
Here's Sly Fox's Headband. Both Wise Owl's and Sly Fox's turned out differently, which is why crafts are great

So a lot of our crafts (most of them so far) are directly taken from tutorials, with our own artistic liberties of course. Many of them have come from the incomparable Martha Stewart, on of our faves, Better Homes & Garden, and other bloggers like Princess Lasertron.

Today we bring to you the Argyle Wreath! This is possibly the easiest thing you will ever make!

You will need: 

1) Styrofoam Wreath - found in the floral section of your local craft store. I think our were around 16 inches
2) Felt - we bought large quantities of felt a while ago and have used them on several projects. You really just need a sheet or two of felt. 
3) Yarn
4) Scissors

...and that's seriously all you need. Like I said, this is easy.

Start off by cutting out some diamonds (or any shape really). We honestly just free handed these, but you could make a template as well if you're more anal than we are.

Lay them out around your wreath to make sure you have enough.

Tie your yarn around the styrofoam wreath and start wrapping!!!

There are a few different ways you can wrap your yarn. I started off trying to do mine carefully, but that felt a little too painstaking to me so I began to wrap faster. My first layer of yarn looked like the picture above, spread out so you can see the Styrofoam beneath. I ended up wrapping three layers, somewhat willy nilly, so that all the Styrofoam is covered.

OR, you could take the Sly Fox approach, and wrap the yarn neatly and closer together. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure we got down wrapping our wreaths about the same time. My willy nilly process just felt more fun to me, and more

After that just lay out your felt squares and wrap around them once, criss crossing the yarn. Tie the yarn off somewhere on the back of the wreath and cut it!

Sly Fox's final product.

We couldn't resist.

Have a great Saturday! This craft would be great to sit down and relax with on Sunday!