Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: The French Cafe

There are a few things that Wise Owl and I can always agree upon, that a good cocktail can turn any day around, that a great book can sometimes be your best friend, and if nothing else, we could probably go eat. Eating in Omaha is always interesting. Like I said in my first blog post, whether it's a new restaurant or an establishment that has been part of Omaha since before either Wise Owl and I were born, we are constantly learning about new foods and fun spots around this wonderful metropolis. Omaha Yummy Nom Noms will be a series you can expect to see a lot more of, again because we simply love to eat that much.

For our first Omaha Yummy Nom Noms post I thought I would let you all in on my experience this last Monday at an Old Market establishment called The French Cafe. So the story begins back in September with my purchase of a Groupon which touted $60 worth of food for a measly $30. I held onto this Groupon for some time, always waiting for the perfect moment when finally a light bulb would go off in my head and I would have the sudden urge to go eat some fucking French Food.  Finally good ole Valentine's day rolls around so I figured, "Hey, you've always wanted a romantic Valentine's day dinner, why don't you just make that happen?" And so I set off to make my reservation (using my Groupon) for magical Valentine's day. My first attempt was unfruitful as there was no answer and my message went un-returned. A week later I called again, talked to a voice who told me politely that my Groupon wouldn't apply to holidays as they were going to be having a special menu prepared for diners that night. Already my passionate and romantic Valentine's day was slipping out of my hands, and in the face of pure disappointment I said to myself "No! I will not get stuck staying in with my significant other making frozen pizza and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm all night!" (Yes this happened on a more ill-fated Valentines day more than a few years ago). So I had a thought, Why not celebrate Valentine's day the night before and avoid all of that bullshit romantic hype?

And celebrate Valentine's day on February 13th we did. 

How fun is this light fixture in The French Cafe?
 We showed up to The French Cafe at 6:30, our reservation time and were promptly asked if we would like to check our coats. Let me digress in a mini-rant here, I think every establishment in Omaha should have a coat check. I mean, come on we live in Omaha, winter is cold and I'm not about to bear the cold in a fashion coat just because it looks nice, Mommy needs to keep warm. Anyhoodle, back at The French Cafe we were seated at our table and perused the wine menu and chose a nice Bordeaux to drink ($33). I had looked at the menu prior to our visit and was surprised that almost nothing listed on their online menu was available to eat that night. Now, before I go any further, I should let you all know that I'm not much of a meat eater, never have been and likely never will be. I was a little disappointed when there were no vegetarian options on the menu and instead of causing an issue, I ordered the salmon ($30). My date for the evening, the lovely Cooper Moon selected a filet which was wrapped in bacon and topped with crab ($37), needless to say Cooper is a fan of the meat.

Our waiter was lovely and attentive. He didn't try to oversell anything to us and came to check on us an appropriate amount of times. Our food came out very quickly, almost too quickly, and when my entree came out, it looked completely different from what I had imagined. It was huge!! My only complaint about my meal was that it was a bit cold in the middle, which Cooper tried to tell me could be the way it was supposed to be served, and again because I hate being that person, I didn't ask our waiter about it. I didn't finish my entire meal so again the lovely waiter wrapped up my leftovers and brought them out to me.
Oh Em Gee I always wanted swan leftovers!
 Next up was dessert which was absolutely delicious. There was a wide assortment of pieces to try, my favorite being the ice cream which was sweet and brown sugar like. 
Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Fudge, Powdered Sugar Cookie, Fluff and amazing Ice Cream

After our meal, we went over to La Buvette, our favorite local restaurant and hang out spot (during spring and summer months you can usually catch me and Cooper here every Sunday afternoon). We had a few drinks and some good conversation with their staff and went home to see the pup. 

Overall, it was a fantastic and completely romantic evening and celebrating Valentine's day on February 13th was honestly one of the best decisions ever. So next year, if you're looking for fuss free Valentine's with your honey, celebrate the holiday the day before.
I tried real hard to make it look like the champagne was coming out of his head

I want a set of these knives soooo bad

At Buvette's. My Mom got me this handy dandy purse holder. LOVE
Seriously though, why is this lady's mouth so pursed?!

 - Sly Fox

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