Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Put Your Stamp On It - Keeping Friendships Interesting through Correspondance

Wise Owl + Sly Fox love old romance. Reading novels and watching films where the characters sit down by candlelight to write a letter confessing their love to an unattainable flame makes our knees weak. Correspondence is a bit of a lost art form, and as more of our friends move away from the town we call home, Wise Owl + Sly Fox are looking for fun and crafty ways to keep in contact with them.

Enter Samantha, a Omaha native who moved down to the Heart of Texas (Austin to be exact) a few years ago. Samantha is recently married, in fact Sly Fox was lucky enough to be a part of that very special day. Samantha's wedding was effortlessly beautiful and fun. One of the many intimate touches from that wedding were invitations and Thank You notes designed and assembled by the bride and groom. Samantha's husband not only designed the wedding invitations, but also created some great personal stationery for Samantha which includes cute silhouettes of their dogs George and Larry. 

One Saturday afternoon I went out to get the mail and saw a purple envelope in my mailbox. Enclosed was a letter from Samantha on her snazzy new stationery. Reading over her lovely letter I was reminded of a time when care packages full of mix tapes, letters, pictures, and possibly food were sometimes the only interaction you would have with a friend who lived in a different state, but an interaction that was still personal, cute, and funny. 

It took me forever to return Samantha's letter. I wrote a letter one Saturday and then two weeks later I realized I had never sent it. To make up for that fact, I put together my own little care package for Samantha including my initially letter, a letter of apology, a recent picture of Bebop, a hand-drawn letter from Bebop to George and Larry and finally one of my homemade Valentine's Day cards.

My letters to Samantha, a picture of Bebop and my little drawing of Bebop, George and Larry
 To add even more fun customization I drew on Samantha's envelope. 

Open Sesame...
So think of someone you know who lives out of town and send them a few items that will remind them of you and the place that you're from.

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