Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow Storm Sleepover - The Activities

For the big snow storm we decided to hole up inside (mostly) and have a lock in. Meghan stocked up on food, I stocked up on crafts. I drove over to Meghan and Cooper's place Saturday afternoon, thanks to dude that helped me when my car got stuck immediately after I backed out of my drive way. The fourth to our party, G, braved the elements and walked over. 

Yes, I bought the least complicated crafts that are for five year olds.
A few of the supplies I bought at Hobby Lobby
We started off with some origami and just googled for the instructions. Our first attempt was at a crane and...we failed. We failed so hard. And so we searched "easy origami"...

Fox + Dog
And yeah, this dog was really easy and we just some paint to embellish them. 

 I also successfully made these french fries! I think they're pretty cute and am definitely keeping them to use as decoration somewhere. Perhaps my cubicle at work? 

Finally, we worked on these plastic mugs. 

These things cost 87 cents and with each you get three different patterns to color and put on the inside. Of course you could create something on the computer to insert in to them, or just turn the insert over to the blank side and draw whatever you want. Obviously we chose to just stick with the patterns that came with the mugs. We spent a good chunk of time just coloring these in with markers and talking while we worked. 

The dogs liked our mugs.
While these crafts may not be the most polished or creative crafts we've produced, I've noticed that it's just fun to have something, anything to do with your hands. It makes time go by faster and you would not believe how therapeutic and calming it is to put your concentration into something as simple as coloring in the lines, or out of the lines if that's your thing.

And oh yeah, time also goes by a little faster when you're drinking a tasty adult beverage...We started off with Greyhounds, or grapefruit juice plus vodka. Super easy, super tasty. 

While us girls stayed inside, the boys bundled up and took the dogs outside and built a snow fort, also known as Castle Snowskull. 

They used a trash can to make snow bricks.

They worked well into the night.

The dogs got real wet.

And after dinner we all trooped out to the fort to enjoy the protection of those lovingly crafted snow walls. 

Complete with seating and a cooler!

Stay tuned to read more about our snow day shenanigans, including posts about the food we made and the games we played. 

 <3 Wise Owl

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