Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wise Owl + Sly Fox Bring you Music - Valentine Day Mix Tapes

 Hey there Blog Friends,

We can't help ourselves, Love is in the air. Valentine's day is completely overrated, but some of the pomp and circumstance is fun. In the time old tradition of romantic expression Wise Owl + Sly Fox are proud to bring you our own personal mix tapes.

As Valentine's day approached we knew that we wanted to do a little post about music, specifically music about love.  As I'm writing this post now, I'm realizing that this is the first time we've really talked about music here. Wise Owl and I came from two different music backgrounds, but we always found ourselves liking the same types of music. For me, I spent my days in high school traveling down to 49th and Fort to a house appropriately dubbed Fort House. It was at Fort House that I saw a lot of firsts; the first time I listened and appreciated hardcore music and thrashing in a basement, the first time I saw someone get so drunk they puked, and the first time I've set fireworks off in someone's house. 

One of the best parts of Omaha is our music scene. I honestly don't think I can even go into here as sufficed to say, you just have to live here to know it.

Anyhoodle, here are our picks for our favorite Love Songs. Hope you all have a great Valentine's day, and in the words of RuPaul, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else". Oh, and before we forget, check out this adorable website I love in Omaha, Sly Fox was caught on there professing her love for a certain male friend (and no, it's not bebop).

Wise Owl:

1. I Hear A Symphony - Diana Ross and the Supremes

2. Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Franki Valli and the Four Seasons

3. Only You - The Platters

4. Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers (Sorry had to pick that video)

6. Eight Days a Week - The Beatles

7. That Teenage Feeling - Neko Case

8. Funny Little Frog - Belle and Sebastian

9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen (We'll forever miss you Mr. Mercury)

10. Friends of Mine - The Zombies

Sly Fox:
1.  Portland, Oregon - Loretta Lynn feat. Jack White

2. Oh Yoko - John Lennon

3. My Moon My Man - Feist

4. Playground Love - Air

5. NYC - Interpol 

6. Passenger Seat - Death Cab for Cutie

7. The Ship Song - Nick Cave

8. I Know - Fiona Apple

9. Cosmic Dancer - T. Rex

10.Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - The Arcade Fire

We'll definitely have to come back and do a post about break ups because my initial playlist was actually a little dark...

Finally, it should be said on the internet, Wise Owl and I are a little obsessed with playing Words With Friends. I played my turn and received this message a few minutes later:

But then Wise Owl let me know that I did it to her first! Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!!

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