Monday, February 20, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

What a fun weekend! We're definitely sad to see it go, especially since both Wise Owl + Sly Fox have to return to work on Monday, if you're lucky enough to have President's Day off - Enjoy! But for the rest of us, trying to fight that Monday fatigue? I know we are. Here are some links to help dispose of some of that weariness. 
  • Remember when we mentioned the amazing film Tiny Furniture? Here's a great interview with the film's creator and actress Lena Dunham. We may need to invest in cable to watch her new show Girls (AV Club
  • "I will finish what i sta" and "A burp is not an answer" are just a few of our favorite Bart Simpson Chalkboard quotes. Here's a full list of 'em to brighten your day (Buzzfeed)
  • America's Next Top Model is just one of those shows that we will always watch. Don't judge. After revisiting some of the most recent episodes on Hulu, we may be reading Tyra's book Modelland very soon. Here's an interesting review of the novel, but someone really should have helped Tyra out with the character names, I mean seriously what kind of name is Tookie de la Creme??
  • Mo Rocca is seriously hilarious and this interview with NPR about his TV special My Grandmother's Ravioli is adorable. I mean he met with a 73-year-old Filipina grandmother who sang Black Eyed Peas parodies. Old people are great. (NPR).
  • Larry David might be Sly Fox's idol (for all of the reasons found here) and surprisingly he only made #5 on this list of HBO's biggest assholes (Vulture). 
  • From Audrey Hepburn to Velma to Diane Keaton to Zooey Deschanel, check out The Quirky Girl Timeline for great clips from some of the best female characters. Zooey Deschanel is quite prevalent on the list and if you haven't watched New Girl yet, you must. It's a Wise Owl + Sly Fox favorite. (Huffington Post )
  • From the runway shows, to the models, to the parties, check out NY Mag for all the lowdown on Fashion Week. You can even search for runway looks by color or material! (New York Magazine)
Finally,  here are a few pictures from our weekend -

Sly Fox + Wise Owl at the Lancer's game on Friday night

We wanted this guys seat
Flying the Lancer's flag after we scored
Chi Tea Beer at Rock Bottom Cafe - Delicous!
Wise Owl caught this proud moment of Bebop while he was at Camp Bow Wow
Have a great week everybody!

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