Friday, February 17, 2012

Wind Down / Wound UP

Whew, it's been a long week, but as the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and crew are getting wound up for the weekend!!

FRIDAY  February 17th
  • Starting promptly at 7:05 p.m. you'll find us two little ladies at the Omaha Lancers vs. Cedar Rapids Rough Riders Hockey Game! Sly Fox is going to eat a bunch of fake cheese with her delicious baked pretzel while Wise Owl rides out a sugar high from too much cotton candy, there may also be some beer involved. 
  • There are two amazing out of town acts in Omaha this weekend, the first being Leslie and the LY's who will be playing at The Waiting Room. The second being Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks (Seriously follow that link if nothing else, the video on the other end is worth it) who will be tearing it up at The Slowdown
  • Sly Fox was lucky enough to see Rock Paper Dynamite at the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards last Sunday night where they rocked the shit out at that room full of pretension, so go check em out at the very new and hip Mojo's Smokehouse in Aksarben. 
  • If you want to get "Arty" with it, then definitely hit up Face FWD: A Gerard Pefung Solo at The New BLK in downtown Omaha.
SATURDAY February 18th 
  •  Saturdays are lovely for a few things, but two of our favorites are sleeping in and going to get breakfast. There are so many places around town to go, to so here's our first recommendation: Leo's Diner located in Benson offers a variety of breakfast options including your regular two eggs, two strips of bacon and toast breakfasts to the immaculate Fantasy Island which as close to a Skip's Scramble as anyone in Omaha is going to get. It's literally heaping piles of great breakfast food topped onto each other and covered in gravy (is your mouth watering yet?).  If you do go eat at Leo's Diner, stray off of the menu and try one of their specials, trust us, it's worth it. 
  • Saturday afternoons are great for window (or actual) shopping. Treat Yo'self to a new item of clothing or accessory and the wonderfully stylish Luvbird Boutique located in Aksarben. Try not to find something you fall in love with, we dare you.
  • Have you been jonesing for some Wes Anderson action? Go see Fantastic Mr. Fox at Filmstreams Only one showing today at 2:10 pm.
  • Anytime after 5 pm go and check out the wonderfully community driven Ella's restaurant in Benson for some great soups and sandwiches. If you see Sue there, tell her we told you to check it out!!
  • On weekend nights where there isn't really much going on, but we still want to go out, Brother's Lounge on 38th and Farnam is usually our jam. Cheap drinks, great bartenders, good crowd and one a-mah-zing juke box really make for memorable (or sometimes blurry) nights.
SUNDAY February 19th 
  • Sly Fox can't lie, one of her favorite ways to spend Sunday afternoons is to have a few drinks and good chats with friends. She knows she could be doing housework, etc. but there's something magical about the Sunday afternoon where time seems to stop and you can just enjoy yourself before going back to the grind of the work week. A really great way to spend a few Sunday hours is up at Krug Park in Benson which opens at noon on Sundays. Good god they have a lot of beer on tap, but in our opinion the Bloody Mary's are worth the trip alone. Sly Fox's favorite BM is the Chipotle while Wise Owl's is the Veggie. What's fantastic about Krug Park is that all Bloody Mary's can be made vegan per their dairy free Worcestershire sauce!
  • Sunday night? Go eat dinner with your family and talk about what you did this week.

Have a Fun Filled Weekend Everyone!! Are you Following Us on Twitter yet? Look out for our Tweets to see where we're at! 

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