Friday, February 24, 2012

Wind Down / Wound UP

Happy Friday! It's been a long week, but as the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and crew are getting wound up for the weekend!!

FRIDAY  February 24
  •  It's a very exciting weekend in Omaha as some of WO + SF favorite weekend hang outs are supporting Omaha's Equal Employment Ordinance which is an ordinance to add the LGBT community to the list of protected citizens to the city's current equal employment regulations. Please Support this Effort!! Both Wise Owl and Sly Fox have written to their city councilmen to hope to gain their support in passing this ordinance. On Friday night the below locations will host Equal Omaha Coalition representatives who will be handing out stickers and asking bar-goers to complete a postcard that the Equal Omaha Coalition will deliver to the Omaha City Council.
    Here's the list of places that are participating:
    - Krug Park

    - Flixx
    - The Max
    - The Waiting Room
  • House of Loom  is hosting an extra special EEO event which spotlights support for the ordinance as well as celebrates NYC’s underground gay dance clubs of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Did we mentioned there will probably be a lot of dancing? 
  • Another great cause to support is the American Red Cross which will be hosting a Disaster-Themed Bar Crawl stopping at various bars in Council Bluffs. $25 gets you admission and guess what? There's a competition involved (this has Wise Owl written all over it) in which guests play "minute to win it" type games to collect game pieces to survive various events including the zombie apocalypse (Sly Fox is very doubtful that "minute to win it" gaming skills will come in handy when the zombie apocalypse occurs, but that's another discussion). AND WHAT? AT THE END OF THE NIGHT YOU GET TO PLAY WORDS WITH FRIENDS?! How did they know to incorporate all of our favorite activities?!
  • Midnight Movies at the Dundee Theater have been a past time of Omaha's teenagers for quite some time now. WO + SF have seen their fair share of films during these late night hours, and never once have we been one of those idiots who puts their empty bottle of whatever on the floor and accidentally kicks it over in the middle of the movie so the rest of the audience has to listen to it roll all the way from the back of the theater to the front. I mean come on, it's called a flask people. Anyway, Fight Club is this week's feature so pack some band-aids and prepare to watch Brad Pitt spit blood all over that one guy, you know, this one.
SATURDAY February 25
  • The Durham Museum has been running Cut! Costume and the Cinema since December and we think it's about time we go check this exhibition out. We want to see anything that Angelica Houston wore or any of Kate Winslet's costumes in Sense and Sensibility (I mean come on, who wouldn't want to dress like this?) On Saturdays the Durham opens at 10 am. 
  • We talked about these guys last week but Rock Paper Dynamite is teaming with Snake Island! is just bound to rock your pants right off. Go up to the Waiting Room to check em out, show starts at 9 pm and it's only $7 brotha. 
  • If you're in Lincoln (but why would you be in Lincoln?) you have to promise us to go see Kill Country and Simon Joyner. We're seriously not going to say anything else because that one should honestly sell itself. It's happening at the Zoo Bar at 9 pm and it's only $8 kids. 
SUNDAY February 26
  • Madonna, Baz Luhrman, Lena Horne, and Eartha Kitt have all covered it - go see Marilyn Monroe in the performance that made the song famous by going to Filmstreams to see Gentlemen Prefer Blonds at 6:25 pm.
  • Award shows are our jam and the Oscars are like our fashion crack. What can we say? We love all things pretty and all things judge-y when things on that red carpet go right and wrong. Usually we would watch the Oscars from the safety of our own homes, but this year the Marcus Midtown Theater is airing the show and if the huge screen didn't make you feel VIP enough, for $20 you get appetizers, desserts and drink specials. We swear if you drink three $5 martinis that guy across the dessert bar will look exactly like George Clooney. Just remember, don't pull a Brad Pitt and spit blood all over him like this (What? We just wanted to make sure you remembered that scene).
Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!

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