Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wise Owl + Sly Fox Get Crafty - Handmade Argyle Wreaths

I'd say that both Sly Fox and I grew up making crafts, and loving it. She did the 4H thing, I was in Girl Scouts. I loved receiving any kind of craft kit as a present and I also had a great babysitter that would bring over a craft for us to do every time she sat for me and my brother. Wise Owl and Sly Fox forayed into crafting together this past holiday season. We made little paper trees ala Martha Stewart and decided to have a baking/crafting night with all of our lady friends. So one Sunday morning Sly Fox and I went to JoAnn's fabrics and stood in line with a million other ladies to get a Christ load of felt cut. We got yards of it. We...bought.too.much. And ever since then we have been looking for projects to use it in. And that's actually how this blog got started! One night we made some felt headbands using a tutorial from our favorite blogger and designer, Princess Lasertron, and I went home thinking that we would so start a blog about the things we make and read and see and do as real people. Real people who are not experts but who are admirers.
Here's Sly Fox's Headband. Both Wise Owl's and Sly Fox's turned out differently, which is why crafts are great

So a lot of our crafts (most of them so far) are directly taken from tutorials, with our own artistic liberties of course. Many of them have come from the incomparable Martha Stewart, on of our faves, Better Homes & Garden, and other bloggers like Princess Lasertron.

Today we bring to you the Argyle Wreath! This is possibly the easiest thing you will ever make!

You will need: 

1) Styrofoam Wreath - found in the floral section of your local craft store. I think our were around 16 inches
2) Felt - we bought large quantities of felt a while ago and have used them on several projects. You really just need a sheet or two of felt. 
3) Yarn
4) Scissors

...and that's seriously all you need. Like I said, this is easy.

Start off by cutting out some diamonds (or any shape really). We honestly just free handed these, but you could make a template as well if you're more anal than we are.

Lay them out around your wreath to make sure you have enough.

Tie your yarn around the styrofoam wreath and start wrapping!!!

There are a few different ways you can wrap your yarn. I started off trying to do mine carefully, but that felt a little too painstaking to me so I began to wrap faster. My first layer of yarn looked like the picture above, spread out so you can see the Styrofoam beneath. I ended up wrapping three layers, somewhat willy nilly, so that all the Styrofoam is covered.

OR, you could take the Sly Fox approach, and wrap the yarn neatly and closer together. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure we got down wrapping our wreaths about the same time. My willy nilly process just felt more fun to me, and more

After that just lay out your felt squares and wrap around them once, criss crossing the yarn. Tie the yarn off somewhere on the back of the wreath and cut it!

Sly Fox's final product.

We couldn't resist.

Have a great Saturday! This craft would be great to sit down and relax with on Sunday!

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