Friday, March 30, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

For the first time in weeks, WO + SF have no concrete plans this weekend and it feels... weird. Don't be too worried though, we will absolutely come up with some shenanigans to get ourselves into and report back come next week! I mean, have you SEEN the forecast for this weekend? High of 89 on Saturday, high of 91 on Sunday. Holy shit, when does the pool open? Though we're not quite sure what we'll get up to this weekend, we have rounded up some ideas. As our loooong, and busy work weeks wind down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and crew are gettin' wound up for the weekend!

FRIDAY March 30
  • The Omaha Roller Girls have a game against the Dakota City Demolition Crew at the Mid-America Center! WO + SF both know from experience that these games are great fun and, more often than not, a little bit brutal. Go see these tough bitches shove each other around! (Side note: if Wise Owl was a Roller Girl, her alias would totally be Kerry Jonestown Massacre.)
  • Jean-Luc Godard's film Weekend opens at Film Streams as part of their series "World Cinema Revivals: A Celebration of Film Preservation." It's only there for a week so be sure to get down there before you miss out!
  • Sadly, Fish Fry season is coming to an end, folks! Check out the Omaha World Herald's Fish Fry Map for your final two weeks of delectable fried fish and get thee to a church.
  • So, Wise Owl has jukebox credits on her MyTunes app at both Krug Park and Old Dundee Bar. Therefore, the crew can take over either bar and have their own soundtrack for the night! 
  • Get some culture and go to the Strange Machine Poetry Reading. Listen to four poets read their work downtown at The New BLK.
  • Oh yeah, I guess March Madness is still going on. Wise Owl filled out a bracket and actually has 3 out of the 4 Final Four right for her work competition! She doesn't actually watch the games or anything, but checks the score AFTERWARDS to see how her bracket is faring. She likes winning shit, okay? If you are unlike Wise Owl and want to actually watch the games, every single goddamn bar in Omaha will be showing them. But you can also check out this list that the OWH rounded up for the best bars in town to hit up to watch the games.
  • Midtown's newest restaurant J. Coco just opened March 14th! Located in the old Wohlner's location on Leavenworth, both J. Coco and Legend Comics have revamped the building to house their businesses. While we haven't visited J. Coco yet, the menu looks like a cross between La Buvette and Lot 2. And by that we mean, it looks amazingly delicious. 
  • Have canine companions like we do? Get those guys out for some exercise at one of Omaha's dog parks! We're so lucky that the Hanscom Dog Park opened up last fall as it is minutes away from our homes. Live out west? Check out Hefflinger Dog Park!
  • Given the forecast high of 89 degrees, it is absolutely porch/patio drinking weather. Hit up your own, or go to some of our favorites: Mr. Toad's, La Buvette, Nicola's, and Rose & Crown.
SUNDAY April 1
  • Holy shit, it's April! The first quarter of the year has come and gone in the blink of an eye. It's April Fool's Day, you fools, so go pull some pranks on your pals. 
  •  Sly Fox got to enjoy Lot 2's brunch last weekend and her raving about it made Wise Owl want to go real bad. Biscuits and gravy, we're coming for you!
  • Wise Owl usually spends Sunday afternoons and evenings over at her parent's house. She gets to watch cable television, have her dog watched, and enjoy a delicious homemade meal. After dinner, she watches Once Upon a Time, The Worst Cook in America, and Iron Chef America with her mom. This weekend they're getting even crazier and going to Kohl's and maybe even Costco. You gotta love parents. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Omaha Fashion Week - One Day You're In, The Next Day You're Out

We always look forward to spring and fall not only for the change in the weather forecast, but the change in the fashion forecast as well-known designers present their latest collections. We love watching their story unfold and the beauty of the clothes as worn by some of the world’s most gorgeous (and super-duper tall) women. While we can imagine ourselves sitting on the side of the runway with our sunglasses on looking sweet and demure as fuck, the realization soon sets in that sitting next to the Olson twins and coyly petting their many furs while the twin’s heads are turned just isn’t in our future.


Lucky for us, as residents of this lovely city, fashion week is brought to us. Bi-Annually WO + SF can been spotted in our fourth row seats (we’re cheap) eyeing the fashions of local designers. Last Friday, we attended a show featuring some of our favorite local creators, Princess Lasertron, Emma Erickson, Jane Round, and Paddy Tarlton for Dancin Yogi. The theme of this show was read-to-wear pieces and let us tell you, we were ready to wear just about everything that walked down the runway – including silk yoga pants that looked so goddamn comfortable we’re surprised that Hugh Heffner hasn’t placed an order for a pair yet.

Each designer was a highlight to the show. The energy built with every new look that walked the runway, and with one song from local band The Mynabirds, the show was kicked into high gear. “Calling all my Generals” blared from the speakers and models strutted their shit down the runway in true rock n’ roll fashion. 

Dancin Yogi. I know, I know, the picture is not the greatest. We have iPhones, okay?

We could talk more specifically about the show, but other sites have done that (and left out one of the designers of the night which we consider to be in poor taste). For us, OFW is about supporting local creativity and really about that only. We are not in the position to spend $400 on a romper and we’re don’t give a shit about who sees us at an event like this. It’s fun to get dressed up, order a few cocktails and mingle around with people who hopefully appreciate the months of hard work and cramped hands that went into creating these pieces that are showcased for all of five minutes.

The crowd!

Is the mood of OFW pompous and somewhat trivial? Absolutely. It felt like some of the attendees of the evening simply came there to seem important and be seen in their own personal garb. Did we get sneering looks from people after looking at our outfits from head to toe? Again, Absolutely. Sly Fox opted to wear a simple black outfit with flats (“oh god NOT FLATS?!” seemed to be the look on everyone’s faces) while Wise Owl wore her Oliver shirt she made from our Bleach Painted T-Shirt craft. While we love watching the fashion and admiring the craftsmanship of so many local females we respect, it can be difficult to be in a room that at times can seem so superficial.


What we liked best about OFW was that after the show was finished, each designer carted out the actual looks from the runway and the audience was able to come up and feel the clothing and speak to the designers themselves. We LOVED Emma Erickson’s Gold Chevron Headbands and leather accessories which were custom made by Chris Hughes of Artifact Bag Co. The capes featured in Princess Lasertron’s line were clean, simple and classic with a pop of fun color in the lining. You never realized how tiny models are until you see how small their clothes are up close and personal. Will this make either WO or SF consider a diet or not ordering biscuits and gravy on any hung-over morning? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Jerrell Scott and his crew

After the OFW show we retired to House of Loom where we enjoyed free entry and super cheap cocktails. Wise Owl ordered a ginger and rye while Sly Fox sipped on a champagne cocktail. We both felt extremely classy and a little old-timey with our classic cocktails. We sat in what we didn’t realize was the VIP section and goofed around for a bit until the designers, including special guest Jerell Scott, showed up to fill the section with their actual VIP-selves. As the night wore on some of our friends fell prey to the alcohol and slowly retracted from House of Loom back to their homes, but not WO + SF. We danced and danced and danced for probably about an hour as the DJ that night just kept playing great song after great song. We finally dragged our tired butts home at closing time. 

House of Loom

All in all it is was honestly one of the best nights in Omaha we’ve had in a while. We experienced a part of Omaha we otherwise would not have experienced and luckily, we had a lot of fun doing it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

Dressing our homes is just as important as dressing ourselves to connote our personal styles. This week's Gimme! Gimme! list is a collection of items we would love to have for our homes. 

To view any of the items below, click on the hyperlink in the caption of any picture.

Wise Owl Picks

I've actually always wanted to have a tiered serving tray, and this vintage one found on etsy is totally the perfect tray in my opinion. It's neutral enough for any occasion but by no means boring. It's a little out of my price range at $240, but a girl can dream, right?

I don't actually own a Kitchen Aid mixer, but if I ever get married I am TOTALLY putting that on my gift registry! Or I could buy myself one because I am an independent woman with a full time job... Regardless, this is an adorable print to hang in a kitchen and actually comes in a variety of colors! Again, found on etsy. - $11.50
I love the dramatic arc on this Meryl Floor Lamp from Crate and Barrel. Even better, the pole is retractable if you want to tame it down a bit! - $329

I love whimsy and I love pops of color and this tablecloth from the Marimekko shop at Crate and Barrel has both! (price varies by size)

I actually don't have a dedicated alarm clock (I use my phone), but I may have to spring for this Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! alarm clock found at Uncommon Goods. Not only is that one of my favorite podcasts, but I also can't think of a better voice to wake me up than Carl Kassell's. - $69

Sly Fox Picks

I love eating and serving cheeses. A glass dome like this one is great to keep that cheese fresh and can add a lot to a table when entertaining. $19-$29 Pottery Barn

To go along with the cheese dome, this vintage cheese marker set will help your guests identify what types of cheeses you’ve laid out for their tasting pleasure. $36 –

It’s a dinosaur planter! I think it’s always fun to bring a little kitsch and funkiness into a household. It may seem a little immature, but I think it’s pieces like this that can really set apart your personal style. $15 –

I’ve made Heart Garlands before and it’s a fairly easy project that can really spruce up your house. For spring time, pick some of your favorite bright colors and hang in a window like the above or in a doorway. Hanging individual handmade Hearts is also a cute way to spruce up a room or a light fixture too.

No house is truly complete or ready for entertaining without a stocked bar. Don’t have the money to go out and buy bar equipment? Turn that old bookcase into a Bar! The cost is approximately $60 and well worth it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wise Owl + Sly Fox Get Crafty - Bleach Painted T-Shirts

Last Wednesday Wise Owl + Sly Fox got together for some good ol' craft time. We decided to create bleach painted t-shirts, following this tutorial from one of our favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. When we look for crafts to do we essentially look for simple crafts that use few or common materials that we already might own. You can't get much simpler than these t-shirts! They require five simple items: chalk, bleach, a paint brush, some cardboard, and a dark colored shirt. 


You may want to sketch out your design first on a piece of paper and then draw it on your shirt in the chalk. Make sure to slip a piece of cardboard into the shirt to prevent the bleach from bleeding through. Next, simply use a paintbrush to paint the bleach over your chalked on design. Et voila! Your design will appear a lighter color thanks to the bleach! Definitely visit A Beautiful Mess for more tips and tricks!

Here you see the designs chalked on the shirts. (Sly Fox's design reads: Badittude - It's just the way my face is.) 
Wise Owl's design, featuring words to live by from Real Housewives of Atlana's own Kim Zolciak! The bleach created the pinkish outline, giving the words a glowing effect!

The actual tutorial tells you to let your shirts sit out in the sun for an hour but we did these at night, so we just let them sit for an hour. We recommend that you keep the cardboard in the shirt because the bleach can, and will, soak through to the other side. Wise Owl's Tardy for the Party shirt has the words written on reverse in the back because of this, which was actually a happy accident.
As always, we find a way to incorporate our dogs into everything we do. Here's Wise Owl's outline of her pup, Oliver, and the little model himself.

And here you see Bebop and the shirt he inspired for Sly Fox's second shirt design.

And here is what the dogs did the whole entire time we were crafting.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

We had a great weekend and now it's time to get back to work. Trying to fight that Monday fatigue? I know we are. Here are some links to help dispose of some of that weariness. 
  • Wise Owl will probably never stop loving the movie Titanic, I always have to stop and watch it when it's on TV. Check out this article and if it's too long for you, at least check out the photo gallery of the newest pictures researchers have recently been able to take. National Geographic

  • Lordy, lordy, we all know Karl Lagerfeld is cuckoo bananas, a genius, but cuckoo. This article gives us a glimpse into a day of his life. Fashionista

  • Over this last weekend Sly Fox braved the pain to get a Henry Miller quote on her shoulder. The man is a visionary of beauty and the grotesque, he’s a drinker, a scoundrel, and he loves naked women. Here is a tour of his bathroom (NSFW).

  • Arrested Development. That’s all we’re going to say. Whether you love it or hate it, we all have been promised future installments. The one piece missing? STEVE HOLT! Would you like to see him in the Arrested Development reboots? Buy a t-shirt here at 

  • There’s no doubt about it, we LOVE RuPaul’s Drag Race (we enact the 5 G’s constantly – Good God Get A Grip Girl). One of this season’s front runners was eliminated for mysterious reasons. Now Willam's throwin' shade at Chik-Fil-A!  All we’re going to say is that we’ll miss that editor in queef, but understand RuPaul’s decision.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

Oma gosh you guys there is SO much FUN stuff going on this weekend! It’s times like this that we’re so happy to be in Omaha. There’s a rejuvenation that happens around this time of year when everyone finally climbs out of their fox holes of hibernation and throw away their coats to enjoy the newly green surroundings.  Of course, we’re still stuck in our offices for at least eight hours a day, but that doesn’t mean we don’t make the most of our time off! So, as the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and crew are getting wound up for yet another FANSTASTIC TIME (aka weekend).

FRIDAY March 23        
  • OMAHA FASHION WEEK!! WO + SF look forward to these two times (yes two times!) a year where we can feel important and fancy like Anna Wintour even from our Row D seats (hey we’re cheap).  We chose to go to this Friday showing as our absolute FAVORITE local designers are showing their lines tonight. Go Princess Lasertron and Emma Erickson!! We CAN’T WAIT to see their fun, flirty, and fashionable ready to wear separates.
  •  Another Omaha female we look up to - Laura Burhenn and her band The Mynabirds are returning to Omaha after playing a few shows out of town, including SXSW. Check them out tonight at The Waiting Room beginning at 9 pm. It’s only $8 kids! We can GUARANTEE you will enjoy this one.        

  • Seriously, it’s FEMALE EMPOWERMENT WEEKEND here in Omaha as yet another local creative Heather Johanson will be opening her show entitled “If you Build It They Will Come: A Contemporary Ecological Survey In Omaha” at Birdhouse Collectibles located in the Mastercraft building in NoDo (North Downtown). If you can’t make it to the opening reception tonight, there will also be an artist talk on April 28th at 2 pm.       

  • There’s another great show over at O’Leaver’s tonight. Bear Stories is a local four piece instrumental group whose cresting soundscape will warm your heart and insides as they flood your body. Like Do Make Say Think and Explosions in the Sky? Then don’t miss this show, only $5 show beginning at 9:30 pm.

  • Looking for a new place to eat? Wraps & Crepes on 114th and Dodge just received a great review from the Omaha World Herald and definitely whet our appetite. $2.99 samosa?! Yes Please!!        

  • Sly Fox is punk rock at heart. By day she may dress in her business casual clothes, hair combed, tattoos covered, but by night? By night it’s black all the way. Black jeans, black band t-shirts, black skirts, black tights, black leather jacket. Brother’s Lounge is where this black lives and breathes and tonight you can thrash along with her to bands Peace of Shit, Baby Tears, and Digital Leather. Show starts at 9 pm, again only $5. 

  • LAST DAY FOR OFW! As the festivities wind down, House of Loom is hosting an extra special after party known as the Saturday Night Jig. Each Saturday HOL Co-Founder Brent Crampton along with guests host this high-fueled dance romp. Begins at 10 pm and it’s FREE!

SUNDAY March 25
  • Sly Fox will be enjoying an early brunch with her family at Lot 2 as her poor, but lovely, BF will be working pouring mimosas and serving up some delicious poached eggs. NOM NOM!!

  • It’s going to be another beautiful day, how about you enjoy the weather with some friends and a picnic up at Memorial Park?     

  • It’s a very exciting day for Sly Fox as she’s getting her fifth tattoo at local shop Black Squirrel. Her appointment’s at 4 pm, let’s hope it doesn’t sting too bad!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: Bonefish Grill

Ever since I moved out of my parent's house, we've been having Sunday dinners over at their house. I love Sunday dinners! Oliver and I go over to my  parent's house in the afternoon, hang out, watch some cable television, and then eat whatever delicious eats my mom eats, and then my mom and I always watch Iron Chef at 9 o' clock and then I go home. A few Sundays ago my baby brother was in town (by baby, I mean 22 year old) to celebrate both my mother's birthday and his. Therefore, we had a special Sunday dinner at Bonefish Grill, which my mom picked out. We had attempted to go there a while ago on a Friday night and when we got there the wait was over an hour long. 

My mom eats a gluten free diet so typically before we go to a new restaurant we check out their website, to see if they have a gluten free menu, or to at least peruse their menu to make sure there is something my mom can eat. Bonefish Grill, bless them, DID have a gluten free menu and it had plenty of options that didn't make my mom feel deprived our jealous of us gluten eaters' nom noms. Sadly for my mother, my dad, brother, and I did start off with an appetizer my mom couldn't eat; Bonefish Grill's "signature" appetizer, the Bang Bang Shrimp. 

Bonefish's menu describes these shrimp as "tender, crispy shrimp tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce." These shrimp were AMAZING and that simple description is exactly what you get. And you get a a lot of shrimp, too. As a major proponent of spicy foods, these really did have some spice to it and were not tamed down as I expect most things on an American menu described as "spicy". 

For the main course, my dad, brother, and I all ordered the same thing, and my mom WANTED to but it wasn't gluten free. This was one of the special's of the night, the Imperial Wolffish. I had never heard of wolffish in my life, but it just sounded good. The Imperial Wolffish is actually the same thing as the Imperial Longfin, which is on the restaurant's regular menu, the only difference being the fish. Both dishes are "baked and stuffed with shrimp, scallops, crab meat and lemon caper butter". That sounds amazing, right? It was. There are several sides to choose from, but again, we all chose the same sides: ride, and the seasonal vegetable which was a delicious blend of chickpeas and tomatoes in a tomato sauce. My mom ordered the Chilean sea bass and the piece of fish was HUGE, taking up most of her plate. I'm pretty sure she liked it because she definitely left no bite behind.
The atmosphere of the restaurant reminds me of one of my favorite movies The Life Aquatic because it has all these huge paintings of fish and sea creatures in ornate frames hung on the walls. Our waiter was great and especially helpful in answering our questions and we had our meals without a hitch. We all had a great time, especially when I asked my family what their "power animals" would be. You know... what you would be if you were an animal. After the meal we headed home for some homemade gluten free cake and food comas!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

Spring is officially here!! It definitely feels like it's truly upon us with the weather we've been experiencing here in Omaha, by which we mean lots of RAIN.RAIN.RAIN.This week's Gimme! Gimme! list is a collection of must have items definitely needed in Spring weather.

To view any of the items below, click on the hyperlink in the caption of any picture.

Wise Owl Picks
When I think of spring, I automatically think of green, which just also happens to be my favorite color. So I've taken the theme a step further and gone monochromatic! I love me a good jacket and I really like the clean lines and structure of this Feeling Fortunate Jacket from Modcloth, not to mention the color! - $84.99

For some reason I'm obsessed with green watches right now, and I just saw this Guess watch in Elle magazine and immediately looked it up! - $90

I love everything about this Musee Rodin Skirt from Modcloth! The cut, the color, the bow! I will prooobably have to buy this! - $34.99

Continuing along with my apparent Modcloth obsession, these What I Mint to Say Shoes totally remind me of Easter. - $49.99
This raw peridot ring is so pretty and simple, exactly how I like my jewelry! - $52

Sly Fox Picks 
Because you still want to show a little skin and be fun and flirty, this fringe dress in black is casual enough for the day or even an outdoor concert. To transition to night add a pair of leather booties to really make this dress have a bit more edge - $45
Three quarter length sleeves are perfect for spring time. This cotton candy coat offers a great pop of color to a neutral wardrobe. Can't you see yourself wearing this on Easter day? - $67.99
Spring in Nebraska brings a lot of rain mixed with sunshine.  Between the unpredictable weather and my pale skin, a hat can be a really important accessory to have to help protect your head from the rain and your skin from the sun. This Floppy Hat provides good protection from both with it's wide brim - $13.80

Another spring must is good rain boot. These Hunter Navy heeled rain boots are both fashionable and practical. I would totally splash around in every puddle if I owned these - $195

This Clear Bubble Umbrella with Black Trim is an obvious must have of the spring season. The bubble design ensures that your hair nor face are smeared and ruined by the rain. The rain makes our surroundings more beautiful but being wet ourselves is just not attractive  $19.99

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monkeying Around at the Henry Doorly Zoo

Not ones to get into holidays like St. Patty's day, instead of drowning ourselves in green beer all Saturday, we decided to be proactive and go to the zoo! It was so much fun being back at the zoo after so long. Childhood memories flushed back of school field trips, Girl Scout meetings, and even one sleepover. The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo is truly a magical place where even as adults we are allowed to wonder and marvel at the animals of the world.

We started off our day in the Lied Jungle. Well, technically we started our day at Lisa's Radial Cafe for some delicious eats including butterscotch chip pancakes which were to die for. We wondered around the zoo for about two hours. Sly Fox was very disappointed that Skyfari wasn't open, but since we're so early into the zoo-going season, we guess we'll have an excuse to go back, but only after April 5th when the aquarium opens back up because we missed seeing those adorable penguins!!

Here are some snapshots we took throughout the day - 



Hippo - view from the underground

Wise Owl Getting Wiser from her new found Orangutang friend

Sly Fox Made Friends with a Giraffe

This dang Polar Bear never got in the water...BOO

Sleepy Kitty
We got so close to this tiger. Grrrrr

After our hot day at the zoo, we went up to eCreamery in Dundee for some much needed cooling and delicious ice cream! Sly Fox tried their coconut flavor while Wise Owl kept is classic with zesty Lemon.

After our fun filled day we went home, took showers, played with our pups and went out later to Benson. Was it a good idea? Not particularly, but we did have a helluva good time!

Our first drinks at Lot 2 in Benson were varied between a Moscow Mule, a Dirty Vodka Martini, and some Scotch Scotch Scotch

Our partner in crime G and Wise Owl do some Irish Car Bombs. This was Wise Owl's first try at one of these concoctions.