Thursday, March 29, 2012

Omaha Fashion Week - One Day You're In, The Next Day You're Out

We always look forward to spring and fall not only for the change in the weather forecast, but the change in the fashion forecast as well-known designers present their latest collections. We love watching their story unfold and the beauty of the clothes as worn by some of the world’s most gorgeous (and super-duper tall) women. While we can imagine ourselves sitting on the side of the runway with our sunglasses on looking sweet and demure as fuck, the realization soon sets in that sitting next to the Olson twins and coyly petting their many furs while the twin’s heads are turned just isn’t in our future.


Lucky for us, as residents of this lovely city, fashion week is brought to us. Bi-Annually WO + SF can been spotted in our fourth row seats (we’re cheap) eyeing the fashions of local designers. Last Friday, we attended a show featuring some of our favorite local creators, Princess Lasertron, Emma Erickson, Jane Round, and Paddy Tarlton for Dancin Yogi. The theme of this show was read-to-wear pieces and let us tell you, we were ready to wear just about everything that walked down the runway – including silk yoga pants that looked so goddamn comfortable we’re surprised that Hugh Heffner hasn’t placed an order for a pair yet.

Each designer was a highlight to the show. The energy built with every new look that walked the runway, and with one song from local band The Mynabirds, the show was kicked into high gear. “Calling all my Generals” blared from the speakers and models strutted their shit down the runway in true rock n’ roll fashion. 

Dancin Yogi. I know, I know, the picture is not the greatest. We have iPhones, okay?

We could talk more specifically about the show, but other sites have done that (and left out one of the designers of the night which we consider to be in poor taste). For us, OFW is about supporting local creativity and really about that only. We are not in the position to spend $400 on a romper and we’re don’t give a shit about who sees us at an event like this. It’s fun to get dressed up, order a few cocktails and mingle around with people who hopefully appreciate the months of hard work and cramped hands that went into creating these pieces that are showcased for all of five minutes.

The crowd!

Is the mood of OFW pompous and somewhat trivial? Absolutely. It felt like some of the attendees of the evening simply came there to seem important and be seen in their own personal garb. Did we get sneering looks from people after looking at our outfits from head to toe? Again, Absolutely. Sly Fox opted to wear a simple black outfit with flats (“oh god NOT FLATS?!” seemed to be the look on everyone’s faces) while Wise Owl wore her Oliver shirt she made from our Bleach Painted T-Shirt craft. While we love watching the fashion and admiring the craftsmanship of so many local females we respect, it can be difficult to be in a room that at times can seem so superficial.


What we liked best about OFW was that after the show was finished, each designer carted out the actual looks from the runway and the audience was able to come up and feel the clothing and speak to the designers themselves. We LOVED Emma Erickson’s Gold Chevron Headbands and leather accessories which were custom made by Chris Hughes of Artifact Bag Co. The capes featured in Princess Lasertron’s line were clean, simple and classic with a pop of fun color in the lining. You never realized how tiny models are until you see how small their clothes are up close and personal. Will this make either WO or SF consider a diet or not ordering biscuits and gravy on any hung-over morning? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Jerrell Scott and his crew

After the OFW show we retired to House of Loom where we enjoyed free entry and super cheap cocktails. Wise Owl ordered a ginger and rye while Sly Fox sipped on a champagne cocktail. We both felt extremely classy and a little old-timey with our classic cocktails. We sat in what we didn’t realize was the VIP section and goofed around for a bit until the designers, including special guest Jerell Scott, showed up to fill the section with their actual VIP-selves. As the night wore on some of our friends fell prey to the alcohol and slowly retracted from House of Loom back to their homes, but not WO + SF. We danced and danced and danced for probably about an hour as the DJ that night just kept playing great song after great song. We finally dragged our tired butts home at closing time. 

House of Loom

All in all it is was honestly one of the best nights in Omaha we’ve had in a while. We experienced a part of Omaha we otherwise would not have experienced and luckily, we had a lot of fun doing it.

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