Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: Bonefish Grill

Ever since I moved out of my parent's house, we've been having Sunday dinners over at their house. I love Sunday dinners! Oliver and I go over to my  parent's house in the afternoon, hang out, watch some cable television, and then eat whatever delicious eats my mom eats, and then my mom and I always watch Iron Chef at 9 o' clock and then I go home. A few Sundays ago my baby brother was in town (by baby, I mean 22 year old) to celebrate both my mother's birthday and his. Therefore, we had a special Sunday dinner at Bonefish Grill, which my mom picked out. We had attempted to go there a while ago on a Friday night and when we got there the wait was over an hour long. 

My mom eats a gluten free diet so typically before we go to a new restaurant we check out their website, to see if they have a gluten free menu, or to at least peruse their menu to make sure there is something my mom can eat. Bonefish Grill, bless them, DID have a gluten free menu and it had plenty of options that didn't make my mom feel deprived our jealous of us gluten eaters' nom noms. Sadly for my mother, my dad, brother, and I did start off with an appetizer my mom couldn't eat; Bonefish Grill's "signature" appetizer, the Bang Bang Shrimp. 

Bonefish's menu describes these shrimp as "tender, crispy shrimp tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce." These shrimp were AMAZING and that simple description is exactly what you get. And you get a a lot of shrimp, too. As a major proponent of spicy foods, these really did have some spice to it and were not tamed down as I expect most things on an American menu described as "spicy". 

For the main course, my dad, brother, and I all ordered the same thing, and my mom WANTED to but it wasn't gluten free. This was one of the special's of the night, the Imperial Wolffish. I had never heard of wolffish in my life, but it just sounded good. The Imperial Wolffish is actually the same thing as the Imperial Longfin, which is on the restaurant's regular menu, the only difference being the fish. Both dishes are "baked and stuffed with shrimp, scallops, crab meat and lemon caper butter". That sounds amazing, right? It was. There are several sides to choose from, but again, we all chose the same sides: ride, and the seasonal vegetable which was a delicious blend of chickpeas and tomatoes in a tomato sauce. My mom ordered the Chilean sea bass and the piece of fish was HUGE, taking up most of her plate. I'm pretty sure she liked it because she definitely left no bite behind.
The atmosphere of the restaurant reminds me of one of my favorite movies The Life Aquatic because it has all these huge paintings of fish and sea creatures in ornate frames hung on the walls. Our waiter was great and especially helpful in answering our questions and we had our meals without a hitch. We all had a great time, especially when I asked my family what their "power animals" would be. You know... what you would be if you were an animal. After the meal we headed home for some homemade gluten free cake and food comas!

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