Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wise Owl + Sly Fox Get Crafty - Bleach Painted T-Shirts

Last Wednesday Wise Owl + Sly Fox got together for some good ol' craft time. We decided to create bleach painted t-shirts, following this tutorial from one of our favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. When we look for crafts to do we essentially look for simple crafts that use few or common materials that we already might own. You can't get much simpler than these t-shirts! They require five simple items: chalk, bleach, a paint brush, some cardboard, and a dark colored shirt. 


You may want to sketch out your design first on a piece of paper and then draw it on your shirt in the chalk. Make sure to slip a piece of cardboard into the shirt to prevent the bleach from bleeding through. Next, simply use a paintbrush to paint the bleach over your chalked on design. Et voila! Your design will appear a lighter color thanks to the bleach! Definitely visit A Beautiful Mess for more tips and tricks!

Here you see the designs chalked on the shirts. (Sly Fox's design reads: Badittude - It's just the way my face is.) 
Wise Owl's design, featuring words to live by from Real Housewives of Atlana's own Kim Zolciak! The bleach created the pinkish outline, giving the words a glowing effect!

The actual tutorial tells you to let your shirts sit out in the sun for an hour but we did these at night, so we just let them sit for an hour. We recommend that you keep the cardboard in the shirt because the bleach can, and will, soak through to the other side. Wise Owl's Tardy for the Party shirt has the words written on reverse in the back because of this, which was actually a happy accident.
As always, we find a way to incorporate our dogs into everything we do. Here's Wise Owl's outline of her pup, Oliver, and the little model himself.

And here you see Bebop and the shirt he inspired for Sly Fox's second shirt design.

And here is what the dogs did the whole entire time we were crafting.

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