Monday, April 30, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

 Coming back to work after a fantastic weekend away is a little depressing.  Going to a bigger city like Minneapolis is always refreshing, especially around this time of year. We made a successful trip to Ikea with no major meltdowns and walked away with some great gear for our home. Among our loot were two side tables, a new rug, candles, glasses, a decanter, and some glass serving bowls. All of these purchases point to a need for a party.... or maybe I just had such a great time partying this weekend I'm chasing that dream. 

Anyhoodle, are you trying to fight that Monday fatigue like we are? Here are some links to help dispose of some of that weariness.
  • Local band and beauties The Mynabirds were featured on  last week's All Songs Considered picks. Check out their latest single Generals, it's a definite toe tapper. We were lucky enough to pick up a copy of their 7 inch record of the same title on Record Store Day. 
  • Growing up Sly Fox used to play at a playground near her grandma's house here in Omaha which included a huge metal rocket you could climb up and sit at the very high and very small top tier and there was a slide that came off one of the middle tiers. Of course this rocket was eventually torn down due for "safety" reasons. Here's a slideshow of 15 even better playgrounds. Seriously, how cool would it to be a kid again?
  • This last weekend my brother raved about the new HBO show Veep. Here's an interview with one of our favorite character actors Tony Hale who appears on the show but is more likely recognizable as Buster from Arrested Development

  • We've always thought of Posh Spice as being hilarious. Her old show on... VH1(?)  was always so funny and silly. This article really calls out how you should never judge a book by it's cold, non-smiling cover.  
  • As English majors in college, we read and were changed by Toni Morrison's earth shattering novels such as Sula and The Bluest Eye. Her narration is honest and wise but brutal in it's harsh realities. Never heard of her? Here's a great feature on Ms. Morrison herself. Do your self a favor and go out and buy one of her books today. 
  • We can't believe it's already been a year since Prince William and Kate Middleton got hitched. In case you're a super sappy romantic here's a pretty extensive look back at that day

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wise Owl + Sly Fox Get Crafty - T-Shirt Necklaces

Have a million t-shirts and no idea what to do with them? Based on this tutorial we recycled some old t-shirts into some new, awesome necklaces (and a headband)! Wise Owl was able to recycle a shirt that had some stains on it and a shirt she had from way back in high school. As usual, we lean towards the easy crafts. And if we say it's easy, it's easy. And this craft is soo easy. So go dig through your drawers for some shirts you don't mind cutting up and keep on reading for a step by step how-to.

1.) Get yourself a T-shirt. Any kind, old or new, any color.

2.) Cut off that pesky hem at the bottom of the shirt.

3.) Cut the shirt horizontally. If you are anal, you can use a ruler to help you make straighter cuts and uniform strips, but we are not and just free-formed it.

4.) Just grab the strips and stretch them out. When  you do so, they automatically curl up into tube-like pieces.
5.) Gather up the t-shirt tubes and use a scrap piece to tie the two ends together.

6.) Wear it like a badass.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

Sometimes in order to move forward you have to go backwards. With this week's Gimme! Gimme! list we wanted to focus on items that come from the past. One word. VINTAGE. Items from another era, items you can't find at Target or Urban Outfitters, true blue antiquated pieces. 

It's amazing how something that was once owned by someone else can become something you can't imagine your life without. Shopping for vintage pieces can be slightly overwhelming, let's face it, you have to sift through a lot of shit to find something that fits you like a glove. But once you find that piece, the feeling of accomplishment and ownership is like nothing else in the world. So get out there and try it! If you're in Omaha definitely check out the basement at Second Chance antiques downtown or just head down to South O around 24th and Q and you'll run into some top notch thrift stores. And remember, it's not vintage unless it's at least 20 years old.

Wise Owl Picks -
Doodz, take note: this is my dream engagement ring. It's an original art deco ring from the 1920's and I have loved it since 2007. Seriously, I just looked up the link for it in my livejournal. Remember those? $4,500
I've been really wanting some bookends lately to complete my library. These vintage glass horse bookends have already been sold on etsy so they will never be mine, but a girl can dream.
I have a huge soft spot in my heart for mid-century modern furniture and design. I would absolutely love to have a set of these classic Herman Miller chairs to put around a dining room table. $595 on 

I have ALWAYS wanted a vintage cuckoo clock. This clock found on ebay is awesome, yet won't break the bank at $66.89.
I have Fiesta Ware dishes and while the dishes I have were bought new, I love that Fiesta Ware has been around for so long that you can buy vintage pieces and they fit right in with the new. These vintage heart bowls are adorable and I would love to add them to my collection! $17.99 each on ebay

Sly Fox Picks -
This polished brass sword and crown pin is such a great piece and it just happens to be from one of my favorite local online shops The Hunter Gatherer. April has amazing taste, be sure to check out her website - $36
It wouldn't be a good vintage list without a pair of gloves. Why do we not wear gloves out of the house anymore? I'm seriously considering bringing this back. Vintage gloves can be kind of hard to find because women's hands were crazy small back in the day - why are our hands like baseball mitts compared to theirs? $25 -
Shoe clips are yet another accessory lost in the modern shuffle. Whoever came up with the idea of shoe clips is a genius. It's truly items like this that made vintage fashion and style so personal and individualized. $9
Vintage Rolex. That is all. $2,650
Kelly green Hermes Birkin bag, what I wouldn't do for one of these. Too bad I likely won't ever own one, but one can always dream. $22,750

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sly Fox Makes Fast Food - Homemade Pizza

When I was growing up one of my favorite meals my mom would make was homemade pizza. It would always crack me up because she made a huge deal about it because she had to give herself enough time to let the dough rise. My mom is a great lady, but master cook is not one of her strong suits (I get this from her), we're bakers, not cooks. We can whip up some cookies, brownies, cakes or our to-die-for carmel bars like no body's business, but when it comes to preparing full meals, we get overwhelmed and typically opt for the easiest meal option available.

Pizza was a popular meal in my household because it's delicious and easy to make. The recipe and process I'm going to outline below is great because is gives you the option to do whatever the fuck you want. You can put on whatever toppings you want, not a lot of cheese or a buttload of cheese, red or white sauces. The pizza dough recipe my mom always used makes 2 medium sized pizzas. 

Pizza Dough:

  • 1 package Active Yeast
  • 1 1/2 cups warm water
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 3 1/2 cups silted flour (this goes in last)
Mix together above ingredients in order in a bigger bowl, place a towel or paper towel over the bowl and let rise 1 1/2 hours. 
Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees and begin to get your ingredients ready. We made two pizzas, the first we wanted to go a little more traditional so we bought some basil, roma tomatoes, and garlic. For our second pizza we just bought everything that sounded good to us which was pepperoni, green pepper, jalepeno, onion and avocado. 
Next you'll want to grease your pan, I also like to spread a little cornmeal or bread crumbs on the base of the pan because this will help it stick less when it's all said and done. Now its time to get the dough ready. Stretching pizza dough is a bit of a challenge, especially because you don't want the dough to break anywhere on the pan because well, your pizza needs a base. To start put some flour on your hands, this will help the dough be less sticky. Simply plop half of the dough on the pan and stretch - again be careful and go slowly so you don't break the dough.
Next comes the sauce. As I mentioned before you can put whatever kind of sauce you want on the pizza, this night we just chose good ole Chef Boyardee red pizza sauce - With Cheese! (?)
Now comes the fun part. Put all of your toppings on the pizza evenly. Then throw on some cheese and you're done! 

Place the pizzas in the oven (preferably on the middle or upper racks) and let them cook for 15-20 minutes (depending on how you like your crust, the longer you keep it in the more crispy it will be, the shorter the more fluffy it will be). Check on the pizza occasionally to make sure nothing is burning and look for the crust and the cheese to become golden brown.

All that's left to do now is enjoy!
Finished Margherita pizza, we wanted it to be super crunchy so we left it in the oven about 20-25 minutes
Finished "Kitchen Sink" Pizza with LOTS of cheese
Bebop was a huge help throughout this process. 
Congratulations! You have successfully made pizza without paying $20 or burning down your house! Bask in the feeling of accomplishment!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Don't get us wrong, we like our jobs but the weekend always goes by so darn fast that it's always a little hard to roll out of bed on Mondays. Are you trying to fight that Monday fatigue like we are? Here are some links to help dispose of some of that weariness.

  • Find out why our twenties are the most definine decade. 
  • The headliners for the Maha Music Festival were just announced last night! Read here to see who's playing! 
  • Sly Fox's FAVORITE thing in the ENTIRE world is the smell of old books. It doesn't do much for her allergies, but she tries at least once a week to go into a used books store to revel in the sweet, pungent smell of literature. Have you ever noticed that the Dundee Theater smells like old books too? Maybe this video explaining why old books smell will help answer the question.
  • Schmidt, you know, the character from New Girl, made a work out video. Need we say more?
  • Iggy Pop is releasing a new album on May 9th which is a compilation of covers including our favorite French singer Edith Piaf's "La Vie En Rose". Needless to say, we're VERY interested to see how Iggy Pop's voice compares to Edith Piaf's epic expression.
  • Did you know today is World Book Night? This annual celebration emphasizes the importance of reading books aloud. The activity of reading aloud as someone listens reminds us of those romantic scenes from Jane Austen books where the works of great renaissance authors are projected and used to not only entertain, but bridge the gap between propriety and passion. Here's  a list of 10 great books to read aloud, all of which we definitely approve.
  • We both work in the Old Mill area and thanks to this review of Wraps & Crepes from Fat in Omaha features on Omahype, we know where we'll be lunching this week!
  • The AV Club just completed this amazing five part walk through with Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig about each Freaks and Geeks episode and the process to getting the show on the air. As the most underrated TV series in the last fifteen years, there's something very reminiscent about reliving each episode through the eyes of the creator.
  • The Alfred Hitchcock movie is still happening and here's a preview of what Anthony Hopkins looks like as the wonderful Mr. Hitchcock.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

Hotchie Motchie that week went by fast, and let us just say THANK GOD. We're in for a fun one this weekend kids, and it's not too overloaded so you can kick back during the daytime and catch up on whatever TV marathon is showing on USA (or Lifetime if you like to get down like shame). 

That being said, as the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and gang get wound up for the weekend.

FRIDAY April 20
  • Yo bra, it's 4-20. Let's head behind the bleachers and light up a doobie. Do kids still talk like this? Probably not. Maybe if it was 1977. 
  • We're confused. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with the above post. We're confused because we love Back When (hey fort house kids) but Facebook says the show at O'Leaver's is tonight, but Omahype says the show is tomorrow night. WHAT TO DO?! My guess is that these crazy kids wanted to make an lol for 4 -20 so you can find us here, show at 9 pm $5.
  • If you're looking to expand your bar hopping to new areas of town, why not take the World Herald's advice and check out Brass Monkey in South O. Take a look at those drink prices and try to tell us you don't want to go there immediately. 
  • Our big black friend Mungin will be in town this weekend from Minneapolis. He's literally 6 foot 7 inches tall and is all chocolate. We've been talking for years about having a night where we all get together and play a little Ghost in the Graveyard or Capture the Flag. Maybe tonight is that night, and trust us, even though Mungin is huge he's usually the first one back to home base. It's pure magic.
  • Happy Record Store day!! We can't wait to go downtown and peruse some of our favorite local music stores like Homer's, The Antiquarium, and Drastic Plastic. Starting at 9 a.m. and going until 9 p.m. stop by for some seriously sweet deals. Prepare to browse through it all and promise us you'll buy the record with the most ridiculous cover because once you take that baby home and put it on, we can guarantee you'll probably laugh at what tickles your ear buds (last year Sly Fox bought a Tim Curry album, yeah this Tim Curry, and it was well worth the $.25)
  • You know what else you could spend your afternoon doing? PLAYING LASER TAG. Wise Owl, to our shock, admitted last weekend that she had never TAGGED WITH LASERS. COME ON! You might feel a little weird walking back into Family Fun Center after all of these years, but trust us, once you strap on the laser vest and load your laser gun, you'll feel the itch to take down each and every seven year old who is there for some kid's birthday party. LASER TAG.
  • Later than night, some of our favorite local artists and designers will be schlepping there shit in supporting Omaha's inCommon Community Development project. What's fun about this year's show is that some of these artists and designers will be selling copies of photos they've taken around Omaha with Instagram. How fun! While WO + SF don't have a joint Instagram account, you can check us out by searching for our user names - WO= kerryjones SF= tropicoffrancis

  • This afternoon Sly Fox is meeting some of her squirrel friends at Corkscrew in Rockbrook for some daytime wine and cheese consuming. Let Sunday Funday commence!
  • There is this area in midtown that always catches my eye when I drive by. Who else finds the homeless-ville at Park Ave. and St. Mary's is bizarre but completely intriguing?  I mean, it's literally a  block or two of completely empty, boarded up houses and duplexes. I realize it's probably all homeless people who inhabit these "homes", but I can't help but wonder what they look like on the inside or what it would like to walk around down there. I realize this is entirely dangerous, but maybe today, during the daylight, with some back up I will go down and snoop around, if only for a few minutes
  • To take the edge of what may be found in homeless-ville or in an attempt to simply hold onto my few remaining hours until it's Monday all over again, you may find me at Jake's or Beercade in Benson. There's nothing like sweet, sweet avoidance to start off the week.

HOTCHIE MOTCHIE!! I'm going to go ahead and apologize now for what's about to happen below, but come on, if you're celebrating 4 - 20 I can guarantee this will make you giggle.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wise Owl + Sly Fox Bring You Music - Say Hello to Our Wallow Mix

Sometimes, when you're having a real shit day you just need to take a break and immerse yourself in the wallow. Life can you get down, and sometimes it's ok to stay down there for a little while. Instead of wallowing with food or booze (well hey let's face it we do that sometimes too) Music can help you face what's bothering you and give you the gumption to move on. 

This mix then contains some of our favorite wallowing songs. WO made the joke last night when we were talking about the idea for the post that she was just going to put on 10 Bright Eyes songs and be done with it. Oh Omaha, why are you such a good town to wallow in?

Wise Owl - 
1. It's My Party - Lesley Gore

2. These Days - Nico 

3. Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying - Belle & Sebastian 

4. Stormy Weather - Etta James 

5. I'm So Tired - The Beatles  

6. For Real - Okkervil River 

7. Misery is a Butterfly - Blonde Redhead 

8.  Let It Die - Feist

9. Something Vague - Bright Eyes 

10. The Good That Won't Come Out - Rilo Kiley

11. I Am A Rock - Simon and Garfunkel

Sly Fox -

1. In My Room - Best Coast

2. Play With Fire - The Rolling Stones

3. Good Love, Bad Love - Eddie Floyd 

4. Modern Romance - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

5. I'm on Fire - Bruce Springsteen

6. Devil Town - Bright Eyes

7. Slips and Tangles - The Weakerthans

8. This is Our Emergency - Pretty Girls Make Graves

9. The Landlord is Dead - Do Make Say Think

10. All is Full of Love - Bjork

And don't fret readers, we'll be out of this funk soon enough. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

As women there are many items we use to help beautify ourselves. Let's face it, we're not spring chickens like we used to be so this week's Gimme! Gimme! List focuses on said items which we use mostly on a daily basis to help give us that extra "umph" we need when we walk out of our front doors every day. To see more about each item, select the link in the product description.

Wise Owl Picks -

Because my eyebrows are lighter than my hair color, I use this Maybelline Define-A-Brow eyebrow pencil. I like this particular product because the pencil tip is small and the other end has a little eyebrow comb on it! I'm finding different prices online but I believe it's around $5.00 at Target.  

I looooove Bumble and bumble spray de mode hairspray. I was introduced to it by my hairstylist at Bungalow/8 and it is the only hairspray I have used that does not feel like there is actually hairspray in my hair, yet it does the job perfectly when I want to curl my hair. $26.95 at a professional hair salon near you!
My favorite perfume, ever, of all time. Jean Paul Gaultier Madame apparently has notes of orange zest, sparkling rose, musk, cedar wood. All I can tell you is that it is very pleasing to my own nose and that I am extremely picky about perfumes as anything too flowery gives me a right old headache. I buy it from Younker's and don't pay any attention to the price since I rarely buy perfume. It's 66 pounds on the JP'll have to do the conversion yourself! 
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion moisturizes your skin without leaving behind the greasy feeling that some lotions do. It's $8.29 at Walgreens, but you can actually buy a two pack at Costco for much less!

Clinique Lid Smoothie in salt and pepper. I love to wear this cream eye shadow under powder shadows to add more depth and sparkle. $19.50 at the Clinique counter at your local depatment store, or online!

 Sly Fox Picks -

Sugar Lip Balm is the perfect marriage of lipstick and moisturizing balm to add a nice pop of color to those chapped lips. During allergy season this Passion color is a must have. Plus it gives some SPF protection - $22.50

I have naturally wavy hair and it took me YEARS to figure out how to control and style the weight and natural frizziness of my hair. My search was over once I discovered John Frieda's Frizz Easy Styling Mouse. Each morning (if I wash my hair) I use a dab of this and scrunch my hair to help control the wave. I simply let it air dry which gives my hair the most natural volume - about $6 found at Target

To help look like I haven't only slept 6 hours in a night, I use Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer every single day as part of my makeup regimen. I love that it's light weight and liquid so I simply put a little stroke of concealer under each of my eyes and rub it in (real scientific stuff right?). I buy the lightest concealer I can since I have such pale, pale skin - $15.50 found at all Clinique counters at any department store

I first tried Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion after reading this blog post by the wonderful local stylist Fash Flood. I had always wanted to try a primer, especially for my eyes since that's really the one place where I put on the most makeup. It's amazing how after only a few hours of wear, you can tell that your eyeshadow is popping much more than if you had not used a primer at all - $20 found at Sephora stores

Every girl needs a signature scent. When flipping through my latest issue of Vogue Magazine last year, I was immediately drawn to this ad campaign with Natalie Portman and the sweet, yet somewhat musky smell of Miss Dior Cherie. I've been in love every since and never walk out the door without a least one little spritz of this perfume. $80 for 1.7 oz found at most major department stores. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

We had a wonderful weekend! On Friday we hit up the Omaha classis, La Buvette, and then on Saturday we went to the newest Omaha bar, Beercade, for some booze arcade games! Now Wise Owl is counting down the days until she leaves for Paris on Wednesday! She has a feeling these next two days will go by very slow. Are you trying to fight that Monday fatigue like we are? Here are some links to help dispose of some of that weariness.

  • We can't imagine how time consuming it must have been to make this, but we totally appreciate the effort. Check out this calendar of fictional character's birthdays! P.S.: Yesterday was Uncle Jesse's birthday! (You know, from Full House)

  • We know we post a lot about Lena Dunham, but since her new television show Girls just premiered on HBO, we couldn't resist giving you at least one more interview with her. God damn, we wish we had HBO.

  • This video of Radiohead performing at Coachella shows their awesome visual show much better than our pictures did.

  • We were recently schooled in the history of the Stanley Cup. We had no idea that the players of the winning team get to take home the cup to do whatever they want with it. Here's a little article that goes more into the interesting history of the Stanley Cup.

  • Sly Fox has a slight obsession with twins. She can't explain it, but there's just something so bizarre about two people who look EXACTLY alike. Mary Ellen Mark is a photographer who took portraits of dozens of twins at The Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. It's creepy, but fascinating. 

  • Jay-Z or Kanye? According to President Obama, it's all about Jay-Z. Here's an article exploring why everyone seems to think that Kanye is such a jack whole.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

Phew. We're glad this week is over. As you can tell by our lack of posts this week, WO + SF are suffering from some serious allergy-induced lack of creativity and energy. Luckily we don't have to suffer very much longer, so as the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and gang get wound up for the weekend.

FRIDAY April 13

  • WHOA IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH! That is all.
  • Since WO is preparing to leave our beautiful country for a more beautiful one (France), we'll be down at La Buvette trying to drink in the closest thing in Omaha we have to actually being in France. 
  • After our meal, we're planning on stopping over at The New BLK to see the opening reception of Les Femmes Folles:VOICE which we are super excited to see. When we were English majors in college our Women's Studies classes were among our favorites so we love when we get a chance to bring some of that passion back in a local venue. 
  • Speaking of sweet girl shit, go down to The Slowdown tonight to support Omaha Girls Rock by watching some sweet local bands who challenged themselves to write a song in a week. The catch being it has to be tied to a theme. In an obvious choice the theme this week's bands had to write songs about superstition. We hope someone tries to play Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and pass it off as their own. 
  • Beercade, probably the coolest idea for a bar, is officially opening in Benson. Bringing choice beers and choice old school arcade games (our favorite being Donkey Kong) Beercade is destined to become another Benson staple. For a sneak peak, check out this sweet write up on
  • If you are looking to Time Warp tonight then pop over to the Dundee Theater at midnight to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. Booze and costumes are encouraged (just to be clear we're encouraging you to bring booze, not the Dundee Theater)

  • If you looking to catch an afternoon movie, we're excited to see Crazy Horse down at Filmstreams. There's nothing like a little burlesque to perk up your Saturday afternoon. Yet another activity WO + SF need to partake in to feel like we're in France.
  • Did you buy Sleigh Bell tickets before they sold out? We didn't. I think both of us were so indifferent when tickets went on sale that we knew we would either make a decision to go or the show would just sell out and we would be shit out of luck, and guess what happened? Have fun at The Slowdown without us kids!
  • We'll likely be over at The Sydney in Benson as one of our good friends is playing a DJ set. We don't typically get into the DJ/Dance schtick, but what the fuck we do like to drink a lot and then dance our asses off. Check out DJ Sleepy House and his droning, dancing beats. 
  • Speaking of dancing, if you feel the need, the need to get your groove on, why not stop down at The Max for some no holds bar dancing? Seriously, with three dance floors this place is a blast. Prepare to sweat and rub up against people. 
SUNDAY April 15

  • Looking for some brunch? Go downtown and check out Jackson Street Tavern. Seriously, this is a great spread and they have awesome brunch cocktails to help you get over that hang over. There's nothing quite like the hair of the dog that bit you, huh?
  • Since you're already downtown, why not do a little Sunday window shopping? We highly recommend Jackson Street Booksellers, Second Chance Antiques, and the Antiquarium Record Store. We challenge you not to find something to fall in love with. Last time we were at the Antiquarium Sly Fox picked up a Wham! album for $1 that was in great condition until she played it about 1,000 on her own. Damn we love that George Michael!
Seriously, it's just so good!!! Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

 I guess it's pretty apparent by now that we are slightly obsessed with our dogs and we are the first to admit to it. In that vein, today's Gimme! Gimme! list is a collection of must haves for our pooches. We must say, it was hard to keep it to only five items!

This post is especially timely as one of our favorite shows, Rupaul's Drag Race, literally just aired an episode in which the four remaining contestants are challenged to create 3 looks based on different dogs they have been assigned to work with. The episode is entitled The Bitch Ball, and seriously kids, this entire series and this episode in particular are genius. We love the wit, talent, courage and honesty this show brings to cable television and if you don't like it, well then you can just bark off.

Wise Owl Picks:

These fleece dog coats are so god damn adorable. Oliver says he wants a blue one! $55 on Etsy.

What's that you say? Your dog doesn't need a coat? Well he AT LEAST needs one of these scarves to keep him warm in the cold Nebraska winters! $9 on Etsy!
Check this out!!! This toy is called the Moody Pet Humunga Stache and it is, obviously, awesome. This will definitely by my next purchase for Oliver! $9.95 on Amazon. P.S.: These also come in a full beard, huge lips, and a giant tongue!

These plastic squeaky BBQ toys are adorable. I like to buy Oliver a toy like this as a special treat for him. Unfortunately, they only last about 15 minutes before they are but tiny pieces of plastic. $6.78 at Petco.

Did you know they make beer for dogs? Maybe I'll get this for Oliver for his 21st birthday. $19.99 for a six pack at Bowser Beer.

Sly Fox Picks:
This Brown Dog Wood Painting is adorable and god knows Bebop wishes he could eat some tasty cookies. $49
I love a good nautical theme and this rope leash is apparently made from marine grade materials which is what I need to hold a big pup like Bebop. $55
Holy crap I need one of these for my car. Between a day at Doggy Day Care or the Dog Park Bebop really brings a lot of dirt, drool, and loose hair into my car. In an attempt to keep my backseat more presentable for humans and more comfortable for him, I need to invest in this back seat protector. $64
These dog boots/shoes might seem a bit ridiculous but between the months of November - April they can be quite useful. Bebop has a lot of allergy issues around the fall and spring seasons so boots like this can help him walk outside comfortably without his paw sensors taking in all of the pollen and what not in the air and ground. $69.95 
My final must have is this painting which eerily looks EXACTLY like Bebop. Guess he's not as unique as I thought...JUST KIDDING he's my one of a kind pup. $39.99

Monday, April 9, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend full of the Four F's: friends, food, fun, and family! Hopefully yours' was as well! Goodbye, weekend. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Are you trying to fight that Monday fatigue like we are? Here are some links to help dispose of some of that weariness.
  • THIS IS AWESOME! Type in your address and watch Goofy walk through your neighborhood and guide you to Disneyland in Paris. Wise Owl is leaving for Paris in a mere 9 days and even though she most likely will not go to Disneyland Paris this video still got her even more amped.
  • Time put together the Top 100 All-TIME Fashion Icons, and it's certainly a list we can't argue with!
  • See a polar bear eat cake! And this is not just any polar bear, he just so happens to be China's first artifically bread polar bear and he is eating cake to celebrate being 100 days old!
  • By now you will have heard SOMETHING about the newest season of Mad Men and, particularly, that Betty Draper got...fat. This article explores and defends the Fat Betty.
  • We recently started playing the addictive game Draw Something and have yet to master the whole drawing with your finger thing. We truly hope these people who drew the 25 best drawings from Draw Something are at least using a stylus cause our drawings do NOT look like that.
  • We've been using Netflix for years and years and are excited to hear that it's about to get even better!
  • How did we miss this? Meet the new Mr. Gay World! This year the competition took place for the first time ever in Africa.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

Well it's another First Friday here in Omaha and Wise Owl + Sly Fox are amped (do people still say amped?) for this upcoming weekend. It's going to be a jam packed one kids all ending in the sweet, sweet delirium of family and great food. So as our work week winds down, WO + SF and crew are gettin' wound up for the weekend!

FRIDAY April 6th
  • One of the perks to this delicious weather we've been experiencing here lately is the return of the BBQ. We LOVE potlucks and all things to do with eating and drinking simultaneously. Tonight, we'll be at a BBQ hosted by one of our friends whose recent interest in the culinary arts has our cutlery up, bibs on and we are prepared to eat our body weight in MEAT. 
  • As it's First Friday there are a bunch of art related events going on. For more info check out this sweet Omahype guide outlining the best places to go, did we mention most of these galleries are open free to the public?
  • Ak! The Maltese Falcon is opening at Filmstreams tonight! This classic will only be there for a few showings this weekend, so get off that couch and go sit in a movie theater! Don't forget to order some popcorn AND a glass of wine (because who doesn't want to drink while watching a film noir?)
  • If you're looking for a more active outing this evening, why not visit your local bowling alley? Come on, strap on those ridiculous shoes which have been worn by at least 50 other people and throw a ball down a lane at some pins! Seriously though, a place like Kelley's Hilltop Lanes can be a little shady, BUT their bar serves jello shots and when you ask what flavors they have, they reply only in colors, here's a transcript of our last visit there -
SF: What flavor jello shots do you have tonight? 
Bartender: Green, Orange, and Red 
SF: What flavor is red? 
Bartender: Not sure exactly, maybe watermelon?
And remember, there's nothing embarrassing about going cosmic bowling with a bunch of high schoolers - at least you can get drunk. 
SATURDAY April 7th
  • Starting at 2 pm today SF and her main squeeze will be over in Council Bluffs at local bar Barley's at a benefit to help Cooper's dad raise some money as he's been having some medical issues and to make a long story short, he recently underwent surgery to remove all of his toes and knuckles from his right foot (YIKES! We know). His disability coverage has not kicked in yet so we're raising some money to help the poor bastard buy some food!. If you feel in the humanitarian mood, stop on by and have a drink - remember to tip your bartender and all tips will go to supporting Cooper's dad.
  • Yet another great afternoon activity would be to stop by the Saddle Creek Shop next to Filmstreams and check out Songs@Shop, the store's series which brings together some of the best voices around Nebraska and has them individually sit down for a short session where they play an acoustic set. Today's show features Dan McCarthy and our personal fave Chris Machmuller from So-So Sailors. Trust us, you won't be disappointed in this event.
  • Later in the evening, Cooper and his band Dim Light will be taking the stage yet again at O'Leaver's. Come watch Snake Island! and a sweet band from Australia (we can't wait to hear there adorable accents - we'll try our best to keep our pants on). Last time we were at O'Leaver's we started a dance party on the patio, so if watching music isn't your jam - dancing should be. Show "starts" at 10 PM only $5
SUNDAY April 8th
  • Happy Easter!! Go see your family, chow down on some ham and drinks lots of wine! We wish we didn't have to work tomorrow so we could just lapse into a food coma, but hey we didn't win any Mega Millions this week.
And finally a note from Bebop -