Monday, April 23, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Don't get us wrong, we like our jobs but the weekend always goes by so darn fast that it's always a little hard to roll out of bed on Mondays. Are you trying to fight that Monday fatigue like we are? Here are some links to help dispose of some of that weariness.

  • Find out why our twenties are the most definine decade. 
  • The headliners for the Maha Music Festival were just announced last night! Read here to see who's playing! 
  • Sly Fox's FAVORITE thing in the ENTIRE world is the smell of old books. It doesn't do much for her allergies, but she tries at least once a week to go into a used books store to revel in the sweet, pungent smell of literature. Have you ever noticed that the Dundee Theater smells like old books too? Maybe this video explaining why old books smell will help answer the question.
  • Schmidt, you know, the character from New Girl, made a work out video. Need we say more?
  • Iggy Pop is releasing a new album on May 9th which is a compilation of covers including our favorite French singer Edith Piaf's "La Vie En Rose". Needless to say, we're VERY interested to see how Iggy Pop's voice compares to Edith Piaf's epic expression.
  • Did you know today is World Book Night? This annual celebration emphasizes the importance of reading books aloud. The activity of reading aloud as someone listens reminds us of those romantic scenes from Jane Austen books where the works of great renaissance authors are projected and used to not only entertain, but bridge the gap between propriety and passion. Here's  a list of 10 great books to read aloud, all of which we definitely approve.
  • We both work in the Old Mill area and thanks to this review of Wraps & Crepes from Fat in Omaha features on Omahype, we know where we'll be lunching this week!
  • The AV Club just completed this amazing five part walk through with Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig about each Freaks and Geeks episode and the process to getting the show on the air. As the most underrated TV series in the last fifteen years, there's something very reminiscent about reliving each episode through the eyes of the creator.
  • The Alfred Hitchcock movie is still happening and here's a preview of what Anthony Hopkins looks like as the wonderful Mr. Hitchcock.

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