Monday, April 30, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

 Coming back to work after a fantastic weekend away is a little depressing.  Going to a bigger city like Minneapolis is always refreshing, especially around this time of year. We made a successful trip to Ikea with no major meltdowns and walked away with some great gear for our home. Among our loot were two side tables, a new rug, candles, glasses, a decanter, and some glass serving bowls. All of these purchases point to a need for a party.... or maybe I just had such a great time partying this weekend I'm chasing that dream. 

Anyhoodle, are you trying to fight that Monday fatigue like we are? Here are some links to help dispose of some of that weariness.
  • Local band and beauties The Mynabirds were featured on  last week's All Songs Considered picks. Check out their latest single Generals, it's a definite toe tapper. We were lucky enough to pick up a copy of their 7 inch record of the same title on Record Store Day. 
  • Growing up Sly Fox used to play at a playground near her grandma's house here in Omaha which included a huge metal rocket you could climb up and sit at the very high and very small top tier and there was a slide that came off one of the middle tiers. Of course this rocket was eventually torn down due for "safety" reasons. Here's a slideshow of 15 even better playgrounds. Seriously, how cool would it to be a kid again?
  • This last weekend my brother raved about the new HBO show Veep. Here's an interview with one of our favorite character actors Tony Hale who appears on the show but is more likely recognizable as Buster from Arrested Development

  • We've always thought of Posh Spice as being hilarious. Her old show on... VH1(?)  was always so funny and silly. This article really calls out how you should never judge a book by it's cold, non-smiling cover.  
  • As English majors in college, we read and were changed by Toni Morrison's earth shattering novels such as Sula and The Bluest Eye. Her narration is honest and wise but brutal in it's harsh realities. Never heard of her? Here's a great feature on Ms. Morrison herself. Do your self a favor and go out and buy one of her books today. 
  • We can't believe it's already been a year since Prince William and Kate Middleton got hitched. In case you're a super sappy romantic here's a pretty extensive look back at that day

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