Friday, April 13, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

Phew. We're glad this week is over. As you can tell by our lack of posts this week, WO + SF are suffering from some serious allergy-induced lack of creativity and energy. Luckily we don't have to suffer very much longer, so as the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and gang get wound up for the weekend.

FRIDAY April 13

  • WHOA IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH! That is all.
  • Since WO is preparing to leave our beautiful country for a more beautiful one (France), we'll be down at La Buvette trying to drink in the closest thing in Omaha we have to actually being in France. 
  • After our meal, we're planning on stopping over at The New BLK to see the opening reception of Les Femmes Folles:VOICE which we are super excited to see. When we were English majors in college our Women's Studies classes were among our favorites so we love when we get a chance to bring some of that passion back in a local venue. 
  • Speaking of sweet girl shit, go down to The Slowdown tonight to support Omaha Girls Rock by watching some sweet local bands who challenged themselves to write a song in a week. The catch being it has to be tied to a theme. In an obvious choice the theme this week's bands had to write songs about superstition. We hope someone tries to play Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and pass it off as their own. 
  • Beercade, probably the coolest idea for a bar, is officially opening in Benson. Bringing choice beers and choice old school arcade games (our favorite being Donkey Kong) Beercade is destined to become another Benson staple. For a sneak peak, check out this sweet write up on
  • If you are looking to Time Warp tonight then pop over to the Dundee Theater at midnight to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. Booze and costumes are encouraged (just to be clear we're encouraging you to bring booze, not the Dundee Theater)

  • If you looking to catch an afternoon movie, we're excited to see Crazy Horse down at Filmstreams. There's nothing like a little burlesque to perk up your Saturday afternoon. Yet another activity WO + SF need to partake in to feel like we're in France.
  • Did you buy Sleigh Bell tickets before they sold out? We didn't. I think both of us were so indifferent when tickets went on sale that we knew we would either make a decision to go or the show would just sell out and we would be shit out of luck, and guess what happened? Have fun at The Slowdown without us kids!
  • We'll likely be over at The Sydney in Benson as one of our good friends is playing a DJ set. We don't typically get into the DJ/Dance schtick, but what the fuck we do like to drink a lot and then dance our asses off. Check out DJ Sleepy House and his droning, dancing beats. 
  • Speaking of dancing, if you feel the need, the need to get your groove on, why not stop down at The Max for some no holds bar dancing? Seriously, with three dance floors this place is a blast. Prepare to sweat and rub up against people. 
SUNDAY April 15

  • Looking for some brunch? Go downtown and check out Jackson Street Tavern. Seriously, this is a great spread and they have awesome brunch cocktails to help you get over that hang over. There's nothing quite like the hair of the dog that bit you, huh?
  • Since you're already downtown, why not do a little Sunday window shopping? We highly recommend Jackson Street Booksellers, Second Chance Antiques, and the Antiquarium Record Store. We challenge you not to find something to fall in love with. Last time we were at the Antiquarium Sly Fox picked up a Wham! album for $1 that was in great condition until she played it about 1,000 on her own. Damn we love that George Michael!
Seriously, it's just so good!!! Happy Weekend Everyone!!

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