Friday, April 20, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

Hotchie Motchie that week went by fast, and let us just say THANK GOD. We're in for a fun one this weekend kids, and it's not too overloaded so you can kick back during the daytime and catch up on whatever TV marathon is showing on USA (or Lifetime if you like to get down like shame). 

That being said, as the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and gang get wound up for the weekend.

FRIDAY April 20
  • Yo bra, it's 4-20. Let's head behind the bleachers and light up a doobie. Do kids still talk like this? Probably not. Maybe if it was 1977. 
  • We're confused. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with the above post. We're confused because we love Back When (hey fort house kids) but Facebook says the show at O'Leaver's is tonight, but Omahype says the show is tomorrow night. WHAT TO DO?! My guess is that these crazy kids wanted to make an lol for 4 -20 so you can find us here, show at 9 pm $5.
  • If you're looking to expand your bar hopping to new areas of town, why not take the World Herald's advice and check out Brass Monkey in South O. Take a look at those drink prices and try to tell us you don't want to go there immediately. 
  • Our big black friend Mungin will be in town this weekend from Minneapolis. He's literally 6 foot 7 inches tall and is all chocolate. We've been talking for years about having a night where we all get together and play a little Ghost in the Graveyard or Capture the Flag. Maybe tonight is that night, and trust us, even though Mungin is huge he's usually the first one back to home base. It's pure magic.
  • Happy Record Store day!! We can't wait to go downtown and peruse some of our favorite local music stores like Homer's, The Antiquarium, and Drastic Plastic. Starting at 9 a.m. and going until 9 p.m. stop by for some seriously sweet deals. Prepare to browse through it all and promise us you'll buy the record with the most ridiculous cover because once you take that baby home and put it on, we can guarantee you'll probably laugh at what tickles your ear buds (last year Sly Fox bought a Tim Curry album, yeah this Tim Curry, and it was well worth the $.25)
  • You know what else you could spend your afternoon doing? PLAYING LASER TAG. Wise Owl, to our shock, admitted last weekend that she had never TAGGED WITH LASERS. COME ON! You might feel a little weird walking back into Family Fun Center after all of these years, but trust us, once you strap on the laser vest and load your laser gun, you'll feel the itch to take down each and every seven year old who is there for some kid's birthday party. LASER TAG.
  • Later than night, some of our favorite local artists and designers will be schlepping there shit in supporting Omaha's inCommon Community Development project. What's fun about this year's show is that some of these artists and designers will be selling copies of photos they've taken around Omaha with Instagram. How fun! While WO + SF don't have a joint Instagram account, you can check us out by searching for our user names - WO= kerryjones SF= tropicoffrancis

  • This afternoon Sly Fox is meeting some of her squirrel friends at Corkscrew in Rockbrook for some daytime wine and cheese consuming. Let Sunday Funday commence!
  • There is this area in midtown that always catches my eye when I drive by. Who else finds the homeless-ville at Park Ave. and St. Mary's is bizarre but completely intriguing?  I mean, it's literally a  block or two of completely empty, boarded up houses and duplexes. I realize it's probably all homeless people who inhabit these "homes", but I can't help but wonder what they look like on the inside or what it would like to walk around down there. I realize this is entirely dangerous, but maybe today, during the daylight, with some back up I will go down and snoop around, if only for a few minutes
  • To take the edge of what may be found in homeless-ville or in an attempt to simply hold onto my few remaining hours until it's Monday all over again, you may find me at Jake's or Beercade in Benson. There's nothing like sweet, sweet avoidance to start off the week.

HOTCHIE MOTCHIE!! I'm going to go ahead and apologize now for what's about to happen below, but come on, if you're celebrating 4 - 20 I can guarantee this will make you giggle.

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