Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wise Owl + Sly Fox Get Crafty - T-Shirt Necklaces

Have a million t-shirts and no idea what to do with them? Based on this tutorial we recycled some old t-shirts into some new, awesome necklaces (and a headband)! Wise Owl was able to recycle a shirt that had some stains on it and a shirt she had from way back in high school. As usual, we lean towards the easy crafts. And if we say it's easy, it's easy. And this craft is soo easy. So go dig through your drawers for some shirts you don't mind cutting up and keep on reading for a step by step how-to.

1.) Get yourself a T-shirt. Any kind, old or new, any color.

2.) Cut off that pesky hem at the bottom of the shirt.

3.) Cut the shirt horizontally. If you are anal, you can use a ruler to help you make straighter cuts and uniform strips, but we are not and just free-formed it.

4.) Just grab the strips and stretch them out. When  you do so, they automatically curl up into tube-like pieces.
5.) Gather up the t-shirt tubes and use a scrap piece to tie the two ends together.

6.) Wear it like a badass.

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