Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

Now that it's officially summer, we're excited to spend every waking moment outside enjoying the weather with our friends, having some good conversation and of course consuming a few cocktails. Brunch is definitely one of our favorite weekend activities and one that we can now enjoy in the comfort of our own backyards. 

Along with our croquet set which has been used multiple times already over the past month, here are some recipes, serving ware, and drink ideas so you can enjoy your own weekend brunch. 

Wise Owl Picks - 

Sly Fox Picks - 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paris - A Picture Post

Hello, friends. I returned from my Parisian vacation Saturday night and wanted to share some pictures with you! I took over 500, so these are just a select few, from my first few days in Paris. Once I returned home I had a major allergy attack, jet lag, and a whole pile of work waiting for me. Once I conquer all that I will write much, much more about my trip! Until then, may these pictures satiate you...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Happy Memorial Day! We hope you're all enjoy this long weekend with your friends and family. I'm so excited Kerry is back in the US and proud that she stayed up for almost 24 hours so she could hang out at my BBQ on Saturday night. Bienvenue chez vous Kerry! 

So while we're dreading returning to work tomorrow, here are a few links to help you forget about your responsibilities:

  • Apparently Danzig was asked to play Wolverine in the X-Men movies. When asked if he had taken the role would he have played it differently than Hugh Jackman click here to see his response. 
  • Speaking of Danzig, here's a look at Nick Cave's personal journal along with 15 other authors and artists. I am a huge believer in the cathartic power and creativity journaling brings to your life, buy a moleskine journal today and start writing or drawing whatever comes to mind.
  • Summertime means that baseball season is among us. The crack of the wooden bat, the hope of catching a foul ball and heckling the third base couch are just a few of the things we like most about the sport of baseball. In actuality, this is the one sport both Kerry and I can agree makes the most sense to us. Apparently we're not the only ones, as this writer chronicles her attempt to become a baseball fan
  • If this was an ideal world I would live in a bookstore. This Memorial Day weekend much time will be spend trying to get my pale skin to not burst into flames as I sit outside and catch up on some reading. What I am currently reading?  The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. Need a good summer book recommendation? Here are 15 from indie booksellers around the U.S. 
Backyard before BBQ commencement 
Bacon Wrapped Jalepenos Dee-lish! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

I'm so excited, dear readers. because Kerry comes back this holiday weekend! She better spend those 8 hours on the plane ride back to the states organizing some sort of elaborate and multi-faceted presentation to describe the highlights of her trip. No pressure Kerry, but I do expect there to be an interactive sing-along prepared for the occasion. 

So, as our work weeks wind down, WO + SF are getting wound up for this Memorial Day 'Merica Touting Three Day weekend! 

FRIDAY May 25th

  • One of the most amazing untapped Happy Hour on Friday's is The Friday Afternoon Club down at House of Loom. Each week they bring in an Omaha "notable" to play a DJ set. The catch? These "notables" aren't actually DJ's by trade. This week check out Steve G from RDQLUS CREATIVE as he spins some of his favorite tunes. Trust me, he will make you move. Free event from 5 - 8 pm, drinks specials and free food (do you see what we mean by most amazing untapped Happy Hour?!)
  • Head downtown to The New BLK to support Skate For Change and check out 50 local artist's perspectives on skateboard decks. The event is free and starts at 7 pm. Be sure to grab some mini-desserts supplied by J. CoCo
  • Been to the Homey Inn lately? I haven't. While I have a pretty strict rule on never ordering champagne on tap ever again, I may find a reason to "celebrate" tomorrow and break this principle. 


  • In preparation for Benson Beer Fest, why not head over to Lucky Bucket Brewing Co. for a tasting and tour? Lucky Bucky is sponsoring the Benson Beer Fest so get a first taste at what to expect next weekend! 
  • It's going to be a hot day, but if you feel like getting out of the house and walking around we recommend going on the 6th Annual Open Studio Tour where you can see work by Tim Guthrie and Bill Hoover. Event is free from 12 - 5 pm. 
  • We're having a BBQ Tonight! It was kind of a last minute decision, but nothing is more fun than grabbing a bunch of your friends, telling them to bring you food and booze and lighting up a grill! Wish me luck because last time I tried to light the grill, Kerry's hair ended up becoming slightly incinerated. Whoops. 

SUNDAY May 27th

  • After last night do you need some nostalgia to slam dunk that hangover into oblivion? I typically don't because crying in public is for pansies, but I may make an exception and go down to Filmstreams to see Charlotte's Web. Oh Wilbur, you lovable buffoon. 
  • OMG you guys there's a Prince Vs. Michael Jackson DJ duel happening tonight down at House of Loom. I honestly don't think I need to expand on this subject any more. Put on those dancing shoes because you're definitely going to need them. $5 starts at 9 pm. 

MONDAY May 28th


Here's a gratuitous picture of Bebop. Let's hope he behaves around our company on  Saturday Night (God I hope he doesn't try to hump anyone)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

South Omaha: A Thrifter's Paradise

Omaha, unfortunately, is still a pretty segregated city. It's a topic I won't get into too much here, but if you live here, you know it. I grew up in West Omaha which is a very sheltered area of town. Once I had a car, I would explore this city and everything it had to offer. Walking around in the Old Market, checking out the happenings on 10th and Martha street, reading at Memorial Park, but my FAVORITE non-West Omaha activity was visiting South Omaha and all of their incredible thrift stores. I would park on 24th Street and wonder around to all of the stores. At this time in my life I was obsessed with printed t-shirts. I would buy YMCA shirts, band polos, and other random discarded event marking shirts. My friend had a serger so we would bring all of our loot back to her house and sew up the sides of the shirts so they fit us better (Holy shit Omaha, even in 2003 we were a fat city. I can't tell you how many XXL t-shirts I had to take in). 

Now, at the age of 25 I've felt a calling to go back to that era. This past weekend Cooper and I put our sifting goggles on and headed down to South O to see if we could find anything interesting. Here are a few pictures of what we found...
This Thrift World used to be up the street and this was a Catholic thrift store (I honestly can't remember which one). Now, it's a bit smaller, but there's still plenty to find. 

These next few pictures come from The Odd Lot Store which is Cooper's favorite store in town. You can find car  oil, bug spray, toys, knives, really everything you would ever not want to buy in one convenient place.

Hologram Religious Art

Cooper bought nunchucks. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WO + SF (Well Just SF) Gimme! Gimme! List

As Kerry is off doing very Parisian things, I'm stuck here in Omaha, biding my time and researching coastal living. Let's just say I have a lot of time on my hands. 

With all of this free time, I've been doing a lot of window shopping on the internet. It's really a sick habit to get into because I get so bummed out that I can't buy everything I want. It sounds infantile, but what can I say - I'm a very impatient woman. This week's Gimme! Gimme! list is from yours truly and takes a look at what I've been looking at now that summer is amongst us. 

First, wedges. I love wedges for summer because they are comfortable and they make me taller (always a plus). As someone who dates a man almost an entire foot taller than them - Cooper is 6" 3' and I'm 5" 5' - a stylish and comfortable high shoe is a necessity.
Summer Wedges

Summers in Omaha mean outdoor concerts. Both Kerry and I have gone to the past two Maha Music Festivals which is an all day event which matches big name acts like Spoon, Guided by Voices, and J. Mascis with local bands like The Mynabirds, Cursive, The Faint and The So-So Sailors. I'm not the kind of gal to pull on some short shorts, lay out a blanket, and hang out. Last year Cooper and I stopped at Target to get a pair of lawn chairs and we ended up getting one black and one red - very personalized for us - and set up shop on a grassy knoll. Here's the type of outfit I would wear to an outdoor concert where I know there's no chance of anyone moshing up against me and spilling their $8 Miller Highlife all over me. 

Outdoor Concert Chic