Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bounce, Bounce Bounce Ba-Bounce

At approximately 10:30 am last Saturday Kerry posted the below video stating that at by 2 pm there would be a Disney Princess Bounce house in her possession. What followed was nothing short of magical. 

Having access to a bouncy house may not sound like a lot of fun to you. For us, it was just plain ridiculous. 

We stopped first at Costco, to stock up on preserves. In our cart we had pasta salad, fruit, a veggie tray, artichoke and jalalpeno dip, texas caviar, a big ass thing of tortilla chips, champs, vodka, Pom juice and a Folly pack for our beer drinking guests. Costco is the perfect place to grab goodies for a last minute party. They have a bunch of pre-made items and a huge selection of alcohol. 

Here's the Disney Princess Bounce house in all of its glory. It was truly MASSIVE.

One of our friends was watching her niece over the weekend and she brought her over to the party with the promise of a big surprise. She was definitely excited once she peered in that back yard and saw the fun to be had. 

Bouncing takes a lot of stamina and man, did we feel old after a few minutes in there. No wonder parents love taking their children to parties which include one of these - it's the same reason I take Bebop to doggy daycare every Friday.

Yesterday we showed you that Bebop was quite interested in the bounce house. In case you were wondering, he did end up making it in, and LOVING the thing. Who knew?

Even Oliver got in after awhile. He wasn't as excited about it as Bebop was, but it was surprisingly relaxing just sitting in the bounce house with a couple of drinks and our pups. 

Oh, yeah there were totally rules for this thing, of which I believe we broke about half. Whoops. 

Later that night Kerry became a grill master while keeping all of her hair (last time I tried to grill Kerry was nice enough to help me light the thing and then in a flash, literally, she turned around and part of her bangs were singed off. I cannot apologize enough for this, but it was pretty funny). 

We ended the night with a beautiful sunset and as the temperatures cooled down, we sat outside, talked, and took turns bouncing around in the best birthday party investment EVER. 

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