Monday, July 16, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

And here we arrive, yet again, dear weekend you have passed us too quickly. Can we talk about this heat for a second? Man, it's impossible to really enjoy the summer season with the boiling pavements and stifled humid air. I'm beginning to long for fall weather with its layering, scarves and boots. Oh well, that weather will be here before we even know it. 

So here's to another week with weather in the 90's each and every day. Hopefully, you're in an air conditioned office with access to a computer, if so, here are some distractions from your Monday. 

  • We've said it before, and we'll say it again, we LOVE food. We especially love when our love of food crosses over into our other loves like art and photography. Here's an interesting gallery of photos of desserts that have been made to look like landscapes. 
  • This American Life is one of our favorite podcasts. Their stories and investigations into the sometimes unbelievable lives of others are always entertaining and insightful. Host Ira Glass gave this GREAT talk on how to be a successful in creative work. His words really speak to me, especially in regards to what we're doing here on this blog. When we started we didn't really know what the hell we were doing, and the truth is, we still don't. But, as we build our content and keep plugging away at posting interesting, local and relevant topics, we get a little closer to what we really want to do here, which is connect with all of you in an inspiring and meaningful way. His biggest tip? Even though what you're publishing might not be that good, don't quit because your taste and the reason that you got into it in the first place will eventually work in a successful way. 
  • Feeling crafty? Take a look at A Beautiful Mess's wood burning dog bowl project. How cute are those?! 
  • We heart Instagram. Here are 15 feeds you should follow if you're on it too. Want to see what we're up to? Find us - Meghan is  @tropicoffrancis Kerry is @kerryjones 
  • Hey it's been three bullet points already and we haven't mentioned food again - here are photographs of some of literature's famous meals from a collection called Fictitious Dishes
  • Crazy Cat GIF's. Note to self, do not buy a cat and then have a baby. 
  • Speaking of how hot it is outside, here are 30 cool dogs cooling off
  • Kerry will finally be joining me at the end of this month as officially 25 years old. Here are a bunch of things that make us feel older than 25

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