Friday, July 20, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

Well folks, it's been a scorcher of a week and it looks like the weekend will be too. Despite the heat, we were able to sit outside and enjoy the weather once the sun went down a few nights this week and hope to continue to do so this weekend because we have a lot planned! As the work week winds down, WO + SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend!

FRIDAY June 20
  • I was thinking of keeping quiet and having a night in so that I could wake up early on Saturday and be productive, but DAMN, there's just so much going on!
  • First of all, to coincide with A Wilde Time at the Castle happening all month at the Joslyn Castle, the New BLK is showing the work of nine female artists in a collective art show entitled "Wilde Women."
  • Like the Cure? Like REM? Of course you do. And lucky for you, you can see see two cover bands, Fear of Ghosts and REModeled tonight at the Waiting Room. P.S., our friend Tom, also a member of Dim Light, is in Fear of Ghosts.
  • Another great show is going on at O'Leavers: Noah's Ark was a Spaceship, Buildings, and Dirty Talker are all playing tonight for a mere $5.
  • It's my birthday on July 30th and since my parent's are going out of town next weekend, they're taking me out for an early b-day dinner this weekend! Subsequently, since I'm single (hi, boys), Meghan gets to reap the benefits and be my date. I'm preeeetty sure we're going to J. Coco, unless I change it up last minute. In addition, my mom will be making me her heavenly coconut cake. I'll post pics.
  • Gladys Knight is playing at Stir Cove! I just so happened to win tickets via Stir Cove's facebook page so, yep, it's turned into a big of a date night for M and me.
  • Enough about me, there are actually other things going on, including Skate for Change is performing? skating? having an event of sorts to celebrate the fact that they were recently granted $25,000 from State Farm. Skate for Change is from Lincoln and describes themselves as "local group of skaters
    that are committed to giving back to the low-income & homeless in our community." There will be a food truck, ice cream, live music, and skating and all they ask is that you donate some socks.  
  • If you haven't noticed, Film Streams has been having a Jane Fonda series for Film Streams' Feature IV for the past month or so. They've been showing different films she's in, and on Saturday and Sunday will be showing a film she herself picked and that stars her father: Twelve Angry Men. This only shows once each day and then it's gone so make sure to get your tickets! And the hits just keep on playin at Film Streams, also opening today is another classic: An American In Paris.
SUNDAY June 22
  • Head to Midtown Crossing and take advantage of their lush green park by doing some yoga! This is the last Yoga Rocks the Park event and it's FREE. It will be so hot out it will be like a free session of Bikram yoga.
  • Oh yeah, there's a reason that Film Streams has been having this Jane Fonda feature. It culminates today with the lady herself, Jane motherfuckin' Fonda, and an Omaha native, Alexander Payne in conversation at the lovely Holland Center. Meghan and her actual boyfriend were lucky enough to score some tickets to this event.
  • Strange Machine both publishes chapbooks and hosts regular poetry readings. They are having one of those poetry readings this Sunday. End your weekend with some art today at 7:30 at Gallery 72.
I leave you today with Cookie Monster's latest music video, "Share it Maybe". And if you're bored this weekend, do yourself a favor and search Sesame Street on Youtube and watch a bunch of hilarious videos with different celebrities and musicians.

xoxo, KJ

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