Friday, August 31, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

Can I first just say/write: "THREE DAY WEEKEND, HOOOOORAAAAAAY!!!" This long weekend is exactly what we've been needing and we are ecstatic. While Memorial Day marks the beginning of Summer, Labor Day marks the end of Summer and the coming of Fall. It's also the last day of the year that you're allowed to wear white. Sorry, dudes. This weekend we will truly be embodying the spirit of the Labor Day Holiday: by taking a break from work, not making any binding plans, and doing whatever the fuck suits us. We suggest you do the same but if you do find yourself looking for some fun things to do around Omaha we've come up with a few for you. While the work week winds down, WO+SF and crew get wound up for the [three day] weekend! Fuck. Yes.

FRIDAY August 31
  • Go out of your comfort zone and head to West Omaha to check out the newest restaurant, Bravo Cucina Italiana. The restaurant touts Roman-inspired Italian food at affordable prices.
  • Have a few drinks at your favorite bar.
  • Then head downtown to House of Loom for Noir, a night of goth/industrial/electronica that promises to be fun and different.

SATURDAY September 1
  • If we are so inclined, we talked about hitting up Mantra to check out their brunch, which we are always looking for good brunches. They have $14 bottomless Mimosas. Enough said. TREAT YO' SELF
  •  This weekend Septemberfest is being held outside the Century Link Center and we are extremely interested in attending. It's only $4.00 admission and well, we've never seen an arm wrestling competition in person. 
  • Seriously, this is anti-labor weekend, so if you don't want to do a damn thing, give in to your laziness and give yourself a break. 

SUNDAY September 2
  •  Since you probably don't have to work on Monday you can go out and do it all over again and use Monday to recuperate. These are always some of the most fun bar nights because SO many  people are out and they just don't give a fuck 
  • A super fun event, LCD vs Daft Punk, is going on at House of Loom. Get your groove on to these great bands.  
  • If you don't feel like going out OUT, get together with some friends and have a barbecue or dinner party.  

MONDAY September 3
  • Alright, you probably want to start drinking clear fluids, and get to bed early. 
  • This day is a freebie! Use it to do something you've been meaning to do like start packing since you are moving soon, paint a room in your house, make that craft or recipe you've been wanting to make, etc. etc.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

Hey squirrel-friends. Can you believe it's Wednesday already? Geez, this week has gone by fast. I think I can speak for Kerry when I say it's been quite productive. Both of us have been insanely swamped at our day jobs, but that doesn't mean we don't know how to take a break and relax in our off-hours. I've been hitting up Omaha's bar patios like it's my job (oh god, how I wish it was) and Kerry's preparing for a move into a home all to her own - well, Oliver will be there too of course. 

Moving can be incredibly stressful. As someone who has moved, I don't know, like eight times in the last six years it can be a certified pain in your ass. The silver lining to the dreaded shlepping of your personal items from one home to another is that you can redecorate! This week, we decided to stay positive and focus on fresh items for the home. 

Wise Owl Picks - 

Sly Fox Picks - 

Fresh Home

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

KJ Obsession - House Plants

Among my  many nerdy obsessions is my penchant for house plants. It's all I can do when I go into Trader Joe's to avoid bringing home another one. Right now the place I live isn't very conducive to house plants, BUT I am moving soon into a house that gets tons of light and am already plotting in my head an insane number of house plants. And what's the perfect accessory to a plant? That's right, a planter. There are a million planters out there so I rounded up a few of my faves to share with you that range from hilarious to cute to modern. For many more planters and tons of other things, visit my Pinterest here.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

We arrive yet again at the beginning of the work week.  Summer, your warm feeling is fleeting. Soon, we'll be swaddling ourselves in warm layers in an attempt to fight the brash Nebraska wind (Seriously, isn't the wind the worst part about our winters?). I tend to view the beginning of any new season as a chance to look at my city in a new way - to try to find new restaurants, meet new people,  find new causes and ventures to support. 

Omaha has been changing at such a fast pace. I love the fact that I live in a community where independent local businesses are popping up offering a new point of view. As our business pursuits grow, our city becomes stronger, more competitive, and a place where people want to come to live and work. 

Whether you're thinking about your career path or your personal life, there's nothing better than a chilly fall day inside with a cup of coffee in hand, blanket wrapped around you to gain a little insight. So enjoy these last few care-free days of summer. Sit outside, go on a picnic, or watch the late sunset, just drink it all in as much as you possibly can. And if you can't do any of that today, well here are some internet distractions -

  • I LOVE all things David Lynch. His world is a creepy, yet beautiful one. Unfortunately, Urban Outfitters has defiled one of my favorite Lynch projects - Twin Peaks. Just, no.
  • Yeasayer played in town this last Saturday. I'm a big fan on their first few albums, but this last one that came out is just SO different. Bad? No. Just a complete departure from the sound they originally created. Speaking of which, here are 9 other examples of bands who changed the sound which made them famous.
  • Well, here's what I'll be doing this fall. 
  • How did I miss these great Parks and Rec teasers when the Olympics were on? Oh, I know why...because I don't have cable. 
  • If you haven't seen this yet, the amazing band Swans has been streaming their entire new album, The Seer, here. Check, check, check it out. 
  • We don't get too into politics on this blog, but this article listing how many bands have issued Cease & Desists to mostly GOP pundits for using their music during their campaigns is hilarious. 
  • Um, Kanye's dancers performing during a regular ol' airline flight is pretty great. That poor guy just trying to get back to his seat is pretty priceless too. 
  • Check out this great handwritten lettering site. I wish I had the dedication to see a project out every day for an entire year. 
  • Another Parks and Rec link - supercut of all of Leslie Knope's impressions 
  • These Calvin & Hobbes GIF's are absolutely adorable!
  • I'm getting very excited for Arrested Development to come back. As a result, I've been revisiting some past episodes mostly just to make sure I catch these 53 jokes I may not have caught before. PS - I wish they would have kept in the bit about Tobias actually being a black man.
  • Here's a look at some of the most popular television characters floor-plans. I've always been in love with Carrie Bradshaw's apartment.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

"It's the freakin' weekend, baby, I'm about to have me some fun." That is just one of the lines I have in my head when I wake up on Friday morning. I don't know about you, but this week actually flew by for me. And with so many fun things going on in Omaha, this weekend is sure to fly by as well. As the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and crew are getting wound up for the weekend.

FRIDAY August 24
  • I really want to try a restaurant I haven't been to before. Sometimes it's hard to getting around to trying new places because you love so many other places, and Omaha has so many restaurants to offer. But it's always good to mix it up and branch out so if you too are looking for a new place to try, here are some of my picks: Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant, El Basha, Taste, and the Bohemian Cafe.
  • The only place we'll be later on is at one of our main hangouts, Brother's Lounge, for a great show: Her Flyaway Manner, Dim Light, and Dead Wave. It's a little bit of an incestuous show, if you will, as all the bands share at least one member and we expect to see all our friends there. Great bands, cheap booze, what more can you want? 
  • Well, if you DO want more, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the midnight movie this weekend at the Dundee Theatre
SATURDAY August 25
  • Speaking of Dundee, it's Dundee Day! Held in the center of Dundee at 50th and Underwood, there's lots of family fun, but also there's a beer garden for those of you that wanna get your drink on and listen to some bands. 
  • Our friends will be pouring wine at the Riverfront Wine Festival taking place at Stinson Park. Get your fancy on and go taste wines from around the world while munching on hors d'oeuvres. 
  • It's the Omaha Fashion Week Finale Show and it's also the first year we haven't gone. This year they are doing things a little differently by having the finale be a "best of" the whole week so if you haven't made it out to any of the shows this week you can see the "best" all in one night.
  • Finally, House of Loom is once again hosting the Omaha Fashion Week After Party, which we also went to last year and had tons of fun at. I think we sort of accidentally crashed the VIP session, got pretty drunk, and danced our asses off.
SUNDAY August 26
  • Fall is creepin up so don't forget about the Farmer's Market and get down there for fresh food and veggies while you still can. On Sundays the market is held at Aksarben Village.
  • In the same vain, you will want to keep taking advantage of some Sunday day drinking on patios while the weather is so great. Krug Park, La Buvette, or whatever your go to is, hit it up while you still can.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

Since fall has almost arrived we thought we'd dedicate this week's Gimme! Gimme! List to the items we recommend to achieve one of fall's most important executions - Layering. In Nebraska we go from 95 degree highs to 55 degree lows. Needless to say, being able to peel off a few layers is vastly important.

If you work in an office like we do, layering becomes even more of prominent necessity. My office is kept at a crazy cold temperature. That, plus with my tattoos, I end up wearing a lot of cardigans or pullovers in an attempt to keep warm as well as hide my permanent accessories. So here's a look at how we'll be layering in the office and out in this unpredictable Nebraska weather. 

Wise Owl Picks -

fall layers

Sly Fox Picks - 

Layering 101

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: Mantra

It's been awhile since we've done a dining post. Cooper and I decided to mix it up on Sunday and try somewhere new. We've both been incredibly busy lately and I'm starting to realize how important it is to take time to just be alone together. 
Benson has seriously been exploding lately with cool new restaurants. And let me just say thank god because with the amount of bars in the area, it needed a few eateries to offer all those drunk hipsters late night snacks to help soak up the PBR's. 
So on that particular Sunday night, after a day of cleaning for me and work for Cooper (including a band practice) we decided then to try the restaurant we had heard the best things about - Mantra

We went up to Mantra at about 8 pm. The place was pretty empty, but looking around it's very apparent that someone put a lot of love (and money) into this joint. There are a ton of flat-screens which kind of bothers me but I get it because they have a pretty big bar and I could see this place getting very busy during football season.

Our server was very friendly and helpful. He didn't bug us too much which I love, but definitely kept us updated on what was going on with our food (which came out very promptly). We started off our meal with Mantra's vegetarian Arancini (fried risotto cakes). 

This appetizer was dee-lish, but not as good as the Arancini at Lot 2 which had the most deliciously rich sausage in the middle (did that sound dirty?). The best thing about this dish was the cream sauce in the middle (now that's dirty). It was the perfect addition to the Arancini because it was light, whipped almost and tasted like cucumber which complimented the vegetables in the Arancini perfectly.
The decision on what to get as an entree was tough. There are a ton of sandwiches on the menu along with some burgers that I want to try in the future. For this trip I opted for a more traditional meal. Now, don't make fun of me, but if I see meatloaf on a menu, I'm ordering it. I can't explain it to you. Cooper makes fun of me all of the time because I always order it and I'm almost always disappointed with the results. 

This meatloaf was some of the best I've had in town (just for the record, my favorite meatloaf here is the Thursday special at Clancy's. You can catch my dad and I there at least once a month.) My only complaint was that it could have used more gravy (everything could use more gravy, amiright?!) The mashed potatoes were great as well, very creamy and obviously made from real potatoes.
Cooper went for a south of the border option. His chicken enchiladas had this amazing cumin cream sauce which really gave the dish a good kick. 

I personally don't care for corn tortillas, but Cooper swore his dish was just perfect. He's notorious for over-spicing everything he puts in his mouth, but here he didn't have to add one thing! 

Oh and our drinks! We both tried the seasonal peach and blackberry sangria which was equally yummy as it was strong - like any good sangria should be. 

When the waiter cleared our plates (and took the bill which was around $50 with tip) he recommended that we come back for Saturday or Sunday brunch. His selling point? $12 BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS! Talk about treating yo'self.  Mantra  also has a great patio with probably about 5-7 tables. It's up on 69th and Maple which is a pretty busy street, but Mantra's patio has a pretty high fence so it doesn't feel like you're right on the street. 

All in all, we had a delightful evening. When we left, we were definitely full, but not in the stomach-achey way which was really nice. We closed out a classy night in a not so classy way - by drinking on the patio of O'Leaver's. But hey, that's just us.
Cooper joined the rest of the universe this weekend and purchased an iPhone. As I predicted, it's  become his new addiction

Monday, August 20, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Oh, dear weekend how you are so fleeting. Can we talk about this weather for a second? I've actually missed the overcast sky, the frequent start and stop of the rain, and just the overall smell in the air. At night my neighborhood smells like a bonfire. A smell I always associate with fall. Have you passed us summer? We didn't even get to say goodbye.

As we enter this upcoming week (how is it almost September already?!) I want to keep all of my windows open, finish my summer reading in my back yard, go to a baseball game (since I've been meaning to all summer) and of course take ol' BB out for a few walks. I suggest you, dear readers, enjoy this time outside as well before we all shut ourselves in for the winter. So, as Monday has finally arrived, here are a few links to keep your mind busy -
  • I don't often wish I was a 15 year old girl again, but I do very much wish that these Ask Amy episodes were around when I was figuring myself out. Her latest episode on embarrassing moments is spot on. Amy Poehler is seriously my hero. Watch her other episodes on makeup and friendship too. Girls of every age can learn something from her advice. 
  • There are a few fashion items that I whole heartedly believe you should spend the extra money on. One of these items is sunglasses. Skip the $15 Target pair that squeeze your head together and buy designer - Prada, Ray Ban, Gucci, Chanel - because a good pair of sunglasses will always make you look super cool. Here's the proof
  • I don't know why I think this East of Eden video featuring that kid from Gossip Girl is so funny, watch it here and maybe you can tell me. 
  • Michael Scott was seriously one of the most hilarious characters on television ever. We're definitely disappointed with what The Office has become without our lovable doof and since it was Steve Carrell's birthday this week, Flavorwire put together some of his best lessons on office etiquette. 
  • This video about book binding is education and hilarious. Whoever wrote that song deserves an award for being totally awesome. 
  • No joke, we love to dance. Our type of dancing is meant to just have fun, no matter how stupid we look. This type of dancing though, is truly beautiful. 
  • I've always wanted to have that super evil moment where I can maniacally laugh as my plan finally comes to fruition. Fortunately, this video will make it so I won't have to do anything evil anytime soon. 
  • So, I've watched the movie Mullholland Drive I don't know, like four times and I'm still figuring that masterpiece of weird out. Jumping from reality to a dream-like world, this movie seriously messes with your head. In case you wanted any more clues as to what the fuck is going on, this website gives the absolute best analysis. But don't read too much into it. After all, David Lynch films are all about what you make of them. 
  • Sometimes I'm too logical for my own good. I question everything rather than accepting it as it is. The place I do this most is actually in the movie theater. It's definitely a vice, and something I wish I could turn off. Have you ever wondered what Bill Murray says to ScarJo at the end of Lost in Translation or  whether Leo was in reality or limbo at the end of Inception? Well, this list may help. 
  • Not to end on a drab note, but this hoax is the premise of a new movie coming out called Compliance and as uncomfortable as I know this movie will make me, I have to see it. 
Open your doors this week and enjoy this beautiful weather!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

It's been a long fucking week, friends. Lukcily, it's going to be another weekend of beautiful weather and we plan on taking advantage of it. Porches, patios, backyards, and walking trails are THE places to be this weekend. We have a pretty open-ended weekend and if you do too, we've helped you out by gathering some of the coolest haps in town into one fun-sized post. While the work week winds down, WO+SF are getting wound up for the weekend.

FRIDAY August 17
  • The Queen of Versailles opens at Film Streams! I know, I know, I just spewed some shit about spending time OUTside instead of at a movie, but we have been waiting for this film to come to town. It looks like a long episode of Real Housewives, but realer, and we are in to that.
  • Patio it up, dudes! Find your favorite restaurant with a patio and eat and drink at it. It's a no brainer!
  • OR, head to Aksarben for RIB FEST. Free admission, free live music, and all the ribs you can eat (and pay for). We'd much rather eat a funnel cake than ribs, but that's just us.

SATURDAY August 18
  • Why not take a little trip waaaay out to West Omaha and walk around Zorinsky Lake with your pup or some friends, or both!
  • A great way to enjoy the great outdoors is watching America's greatest pastime. Baseball, of course! The Omaha Storm Chasers are playings the Nashville Sounds AND there's fireworks after the game! Beer, hotdogs, and a healthy dose of heckling sound like a great night to us.  
  • Thank god for Film Streams. They show THE BEST films. This weekend they are screening 'Funny Face", which is one of those classics I've just never gotten around to seeing but really want to see. I imagine it will be an amazing film to see on the big screen, too. 
  • It's Soul Night at The Sydney, which is for real the best bar with the best soundtrack on these nights. We had tons of fun doin' the twist last time we went.

SUNDAY August 19
  • Paperdoll is hosting a Pinterest party. Have a million crafts pinned on your Pinterest board that you've never gotten around to doing? Well, Paperdoll makes it easy for you by providing the supplies and helpful in-person instruction on how to complete 4 different crafts. You pick one of the four to do!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Whistle While You Work / The KLAP - Activity Based Playlists

It's been too long since we brought you some of our favorite music.  So here's the remedy! Some of our favorite songs include rhythms that don't come from instruments. If you're as non-musically talented as Kerry and I are, you have to rely on your own body to add your own groove to a melody. And how exactly is that accomplished? Well Kerry is quite the whistler while Meghan relies on her own two hands...literally. 

That being said, we bring you two playlists. Click on the video next to the song title to bring up the video that goes with the song. 

Wise Owl  Purse Your Lips, 'Cause It's The Whistle Mix -

MusicPlaylistView Profile
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Sly Fox KLAP Mix -

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WO + SF Gimme! Gimme! List

We decided to keep on theme and focus this week's Gimme! Gimme! list on our new found outdoor passion - Camping. Even though most scoffed at our initial announcement of an adventure into the great outdoors (what are we that prissy?!) we're totally sold on the idea of spending a few weekends between now and when it becomes unbearably cold with some friends and drinks near a fire in the middle of nowhere. 

Now, that being said, we're not complete mountain women. We want to be as comfortable as possible out there, so here are some items that we are in definite need of for our next trip.

Wise Owl Picks - 


Sly Fox Picks - 

To the Great Outdoors