Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recently Watched - Beginners

I spent this past Sunday morning like most of my Sunday mornings, by watching a movie. It's probably the most relaxing time of my entire week - Cooper goes to work fairly early so I have run of the house.

I'm totally bootlegging HBOGO from my parents right now. I personally haven't paid for cable in probably about four years,  instead, I've relied on streaming video sites like Netflix and Hulu. While these sites are pretty darn good, HBOGO is by far the best giving you access to a butt-load of HBO series as well as the movies they are showing throughout the month.

Last year I listened to this great Fresh Air interview with the director of the film Beginners. Terry Gross was talking with the film's director Mike Mills, whose own personal life is the basis of the story. 

In the movie, Ewan McGregor plays Oliver, the son of Christopher Plummer, who announces after his wife passes away two items - he's gay and he has terminal cancer. The rest of the movie jumps around from the past, into both Oliver's upbringing and his relationship with his father after his mother is gone to when Oliver meets Anna, who is unlike any woman he has ever known before.

It's a truly fantastic movie and one that made me cry, probably like four times. Let's just say, it was a pretty emotional Sunday morning. Regardless of the tears, this is honestly one of the best and most beautiful looks into the way we think about life and love. Enjoy -

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