Monday, August 13, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Back to civilization. While we had a great time in the wilderness (more about that coming this week) it was definitely nice to hop in a warm shower that didn't require quarters to start. As we go back into this work week, I want to focus on relaxing and letting go of some of the things that have been bothering me about living in this town. I love Omaha, but sometimes I do get a little down with the politics of it all. I worry most people only focus on what's popular rather than what they really like. Arg. Enough about that. 

So here are just a few distractions to help you out on this Monday - 
  • This Infographic about the safest places for women to live and work in the world is a true reminder about the biggest issues that face our female collective. Keep it in mind next time you want to complain about being a female in the US.
  • Take a virtual, Google map tour of famous author's homes here
  • This slideshow of the 28 best dressed patrons of the art world is very interesting. I wish more people dressed like this around here...
  • We all know Dr. Suess's work from our childhood, but this Library of Congress collection of his ad work is fantastic. It opens up an entirely new view on the man behind green eggs and ham. 
  • 2012 has been all about Lena Dunham. She shined as the brains and the talent behind a hit TV show, she co-wrote a movie that I can wait to see, and she's written a few articles for the New Yorker. Recently, they published one of her stories about her first love.
  • This collection of TV character's art ranges from the very bad  (see Cheers; General Hospital) to the very cool (see Claire Fisher; Jerry's painting)
  • Just Like Honey is one of my favorite songs. I was introduced to it by Cooper, but unbeknownst to me I had heard it before - as it's featured in the closing scene of Lost in Translation. Jesus and The Mary Chain have finally reformed...and I guess they're playing songs with Megan Draper of Mad Men? Anyways, here's the video proof
  • To me, improvisation has to be some of the most difficult, but most rewarding acting styles. Here are 25 of these fantastic unscripted moments. Be sure to look at the annotations for what improvised. 
  • It's another Meatless Monday. Here's the recipe I think you should try this week.
  • Casting is everything. Can you imagine someone else playing the genie in Aladdin or Walter in The Big Lebowski? Here's a list of other characters who just couldn't have been played by anyone else. 
  • If you have nothing to do tomorrow night - go see this show at Brother's

A sneak peek at the craft werk we did this weekend - cheesy but oh so good

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