Monday, August 20, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Oh, dear weekend how you are so fleeting. Can we talk about this weather for a second? I've actually missed the overcast sky, the frequent start and stop of the rain, and just the overall smell in the air. At night my neighborhood smells like a bonfire. A smell I always associate with fall. Have you passed us summer? We didn't even get to say goodbye.

As we enter this upcoming week (how is it almost September already?!) I want to keep all of my windows open, finish my summer reading in my back yard, go to a baseball game (since I've been meaning to all summer) and of course take ol' BB out for a few walks. I suggest you, dear readers, enjoy this time outside as well before we all shut ourselves in for the winter. So, as Monday has finally arrived, here are a few links to keep your mind busy -
  • I don't often wish I was a 15 year old girl again, but I do very much wish that these Ask Amy episodes were around when I was figuring myself out. Her latest episode on embarrassing moments is spot on. Amy Poehler is seriously my hero. Watch her other episodes on makeup and friendship too. Girls of every age can learn something from her advice. 
  • There are a few fashion items that I whole heartedly believe you should spend the extra money on. One of these items is sunglasses. Skip the $15 Target pair that squeeze your head together and buy designer - Prada, Ray Ban, Gucci, Chanel - because a good pair of sunglasses will always make you look super cool. Here's the proof
  • I don't know why I think this East of Eden video featuring that kid from Gossip Girl is so funny, watch it here and maybe you can tell me. 
  • Michael Scott was seriously one of the most hilarious characters on television ever. We're definitely disappointed with what The Office has become without our lovable doof and since it was Steve Carrell's birthday this week, Flavorwire put together some of his best lessons on office etiquette. 
  • This video about book binding is education and hilarious. Whoever wrote that song deserves an award for being totally awesome. 
  • No joke, we love to dance. Our type of dancing is meant to just have fun, no matter how stupid we look. This type of dancing though, is truly beautiful. 
  • I've always wanted to have that super evil moment where I can maniacally laugh as my plan finally comes to fruition. Fortunately, this video will make it so I won't have to do anything evil anytime soon. 
  • So, I've watched the movie Mullholland Drive I don't know, like four times and I'm still figuring that masterpiece of weird out. Jumping from reality to a dream-like world, this movie seriously messes with your head. In case you wanted any more clues as to what the fuck is going on, this website gives the absolute best analysis. But don't read too much into it. After all, David Lynch films are all about what you make of them. 
  • Sometimes I'm too logical for my own good. I question everything rather than accepting it as it is. The place I do this most is actually in the movie theater. It's definitely a vice, and something I wish I could turn off. Have you ever wondered what Bill Murray says to ScarJo at the end of Lost in Translation or  whether Leo was in reality or limbo at the end of Inception? Well, this list may help. 
  • Not to end on a drab note, but this hoax is the premise of a new movie coming out called Compliance and as uncomfortable as I know this movie will make me, I have to see it. 
Open your doors this week and enjoy this beautiful weather!!

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