Friday, August 3, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

Ugh, sorry guys, this is coming to you late on Friday due to an allergy attack yesterday and a busy, busy day at work today. We hear Omaha is in for some heat relief this weekend so it's a great time to get out of the house and DO something! 

FRIDAY August 3
  • Go to BFF with your BFF. Benson First Friday, that is. We still haven't been and I think it's about time. Benson will be boomin' all night long with art, food, music, drinks, etc. Check out Omahype's comprehensive breakdown for specifics! On another note, I can't BELIEVE it's August!
  • Say whaaaat? We want to specifically point out that during BFF there will be a Break Shit Party. You pay money to break some shit and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the victim of the Lincoln hate-crime, for which we attended a vigil last week. I attended a party like this in college and I can say from experience that it feels most excellent to break shit. 

  • High of 84!!!! Take your dog for a walk, hit up your favorite porch or patio, have a BBQ, enjoy this weather while it lasts, folks.
  •  Read this article about the Omaha Cheesecake Bakery and then go eat some mother fuckin' dessert. Enough said.
  • Apparently, Omaha is the 3rd top bar city in the entire U.S. so if you're not diggin the usual haps, why not go to a bar you've never been to?  
  • "Beyond the Black Rainbow" is this week's midnight movie at the Dundee. 

SUNDAY August 5!
  • Take your dog to the pool! The NE Humane Society is hosting it's first Doggie Dip of the summer. I took Ollie last year and while he didn't enjoy the water so much last year, I'm thinking of going again this year and MAKING him enjoy it. It's totally worth it to see a pool of humans and dogs.
  • Find a bar, watch the Olympics. I personally LOVE watching the Olympics but when I watch them I get totally stressed out with all these close swimming races and what not. USA! USA!

I leave you with a song I heard for the first time the other day but is apparently 4 years old. 

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