Friday, August 10, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

I'm so excited because this weekend we are packing our bags and leaving the big city behind to camp in the vast wilderness of Fremont Lakes State Recreational Area. It's for our friend's birthday and we trust and believe we'll have a grand ol' time. We'll miss our Omaha weekend but trust that the rest of you will keep the city happenin' while we take our leave. We've helped you out by collecting a few choice events for you to attend. As the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and crew are getting wound up for the weekend.

FRIDAY August10
  • Showing at the New BLK is "Topcoat and Tails II", featuring works of art made by tattoo artists. This looks and sounds really cool and we're sad we'll be missing it.  
  • FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL. OMG, our bellies are especially sad we'll be missing this. Six food trucks, gathered at the Old Mattress Factory serving all kinds of food. We will be thinking of these food trucks as we consume hot dogs over the fire. 
  • No one puts baby in a corner. That's right, the classic 80's movie "Dirty Dancing" is the midnight movie at the Dundee Theatre.

SATURDAY August 11
  • We assume the majority of people we know will be hitting up the Maha Music Festival to see great bands like Desaparacidos and Garbage. Sounds like the weather is sure to be conducive to concert going and not the 100+ degrees we've been experiencing lately.
  • We absolutely adore 60's rock and "Behive: A 60's Rock 'n Roll Musical" sounds to be right up our alley. The all female cast will be singing classic 60's songs also performed by women at The Waiting Room
  • Check out Midtown's newest cafe, Greengo Coffee & Deli located on Park Ave, south of Leavenworth. 

SUNDAY August 12
  • I have a feeling we'll be a little worn out by Sunday from camping all weekend, but if you're still wound up go see Capgun Coup at Barley Street
  • As usual, there are several great movies showing at Film Streams, including Beasts of the Southern Wild, which looks fantastic from the preview I saw. Treat yo' self to an afternoon movie.

For a little preview of what our camping experience will be like this weekend:

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