Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WO + SF Go Camping

When our good friend G asked us if we would be interested in going camping for his birthday we immediately said we'd be down. Personally, I love camping. I grew up going camping with my family several times a year and some of my best memories are of our camping trips. We'd go camping on week long vacations out of state or just go to the state park about half an hour outside of Omaha for a weekend. We started out with small tents to bigger tents to finally a pop-up camper. This weekend I got to relive a little bit of my childhood while some friends got their camping cherry popped and we all had a great time. 

On Friday evening Meghan and I made a quick run after work to Costco to stock up on food and drink Then we changed out of our work clothes and loaded up Meghan's little car with all of our gear.

We hit the road and drove an hour west to the city of Fremont, a city none of us had actually been to before. We were amazed by the drive thru liquor store and the former what we assumed to be a mortuary for sale.

Right on the edge of the city lies Fremont State Lakes Recreation Area, our home for two days. This is a great place for beginners to camp at because the area offers sites with electricity as well as sites for campers and you are extremely close to the town in case you forgot something or you need more booze or your stomach is begging you for a real meal not cooked over a fire. Plus the park has their own little bar/quick shop/restaurant as well at which Meghan enjoyed a BLT.

The first thing we did when we found our camp site was set up our tents as it was already starting to get dark. Our friend G has been recently stocking up on camping gear/zombie survival supplies so he had a brand spanking new tent (the yellow one) while I brought along my parent's old tent (the tan one). My parent's tent no longer had the instructions of course and it had been a few years since I set it up so it took us a bit longer to set up and it may have collapsed on Meghan in the middle of the night, and yeah, maybe a few drops of water got in after it rained on Saturday, but overall it did us good. Friday night was basically a night of drinking around the fire, playing the name game, gazing at the stars, and just talking and laughing. The weather was beautiful and it was really the perfect night.

We awoke early on Saturday and scrambled some eggs and made some bacon over the camp fire in addition to eating some Costco croissants and Cheez-its.

Then, we got down to some good old fashioned fun.

The boys skipped rocks and fished.

While us girls crafted with the little sun catcher kits G bought us and practiced catching popcorn in our mouths. And the best part of being adults is that we did the above while also doing a little (a lot) of day drinking.

The only down side to Fremont State Lakes is that unless you have a boat or the desire to swim in lake water, there isn't a lot to do at the park. There aren't any hiking trails or spectacular views to be seen, but it IS a great place to chill out at your camp site with your best friends, which is exactly what we did. All five of us left the park Sunday morning feeling very unshowered but very satisfied with our little trip and all of us expressed a yearning for more camping in the future. 

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