Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Special Present for a Special Friend

I get so excited to give people gifts especially when I know I'm totally surprising someone with something I know they'll love. We thought of the perfect gift for our good friend G's birthday and after enlisting a friend that knows Photoshop and searching for the right company online, we got him...

Yes, that's right, we got him PERSONALIZED KOOZIES with his picture and catch phrase printed on them. The back story is that this kid loves beer. Cold beer. Therefore, he carries a koozie in his pocket wherever he goes and has a whole stash of them.  So we thought this would be a hilariously perfect gift for him and his reaction when he opened up the box of koozies was totally priceless.

We ordered these from Totally Promotional after sifting through tons of websites and even ordering them on one site only to find out that they couldn't make the koozies the way we envisioned them. Totally Promotional was not only the cheapest website but the most accommodating. I asked my design representative to make me many different mock ups with different ink colors and different koozie colors until we found the one we liked best. She was extremely accommodating and prompt and there were no extra charges for making mock ups like we had encountered on some websites.

The company creates tons of other custom products and I will definitely always keep them in mind when I need to put a friend's face on something. With that said, Meghan's birthday IS coming up soon...

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