Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sly Fox Goes Budget Wine Tasting

Back in April I purchased this Living Social deal for $17:

Not a bad deal, right?

It wasn't until I saw the expiration date was quickly approaching that one dreary Saturday morning my friend Sarah and I ventured out to enjoy my thriftiness. 

Welcome to the fields of Kings Crossing located in Glenwood, IA. I snapped a few shots of the outside before it started to rain again. It definitely tried to keep with this medieval theme with a lots of shields and brick and this massive checkerboard setting. 

It was definitely off the beaten path. You have to go up and down a super windy gravel road and in my mini-car, it's a little scary. But once we were there, it was actually quite lovely, even with the rain.

We were greeted by this roof cat. We were followed in by a couple from Gretna and a group of four women in their 50's donning sparkle embroidered wine t-shirts. I've come to know this group of women can be found at most wineries on Saturday afternoons. 

Sarah and I stepped right up to do our wine tasting. The menu was laid out so the drier wines were on top and the sweeter on the bottom. We each tried about six different wines and decided that only one was really drinkable outside of the tasting. My biggest issue with Nebraska wine is that it's super fruity, more like an apple wine. Unfortunately, when I drink these wines I'm reminded of being 19, a freshman in college drinking Boone's Farm. Yes. Boone's Farm.

What was nice was that after our wine tasting, we went outside and explored the area a bit. We found this really cool wine bon-fire/sculpture thing. 

We dined on our meat and cheese plate which was absolutely delicious (I now totally want a mini-meat cleaver for serving cheese). 

And roof cat came back to bug us for the rest of the afternoon while we sat on the patio drinking our complimentary bottle of wine.

All in all it was a really great day. The staff at the winery were extremely patient and knowledgable. They explained a lot about the process that went into making each of their wines taste differently. Is it comparable to wine tasting in Napa Valley? Absolutely not, but it sure is nice to get out of the big city for a few hours and enjoy the beautiful prairie that surrounds us.  

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