Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sly Fox Trip To The West

Here at WO + SF, we're bonafide city gals. So, when I was invited out to a close college friend's western Nebraska wedding, there was no doubt I was going. I had always imagined where our friends had come from, and Gering, Nebraska was an anomaly to me. We left on a Friday, decided to drive to Denver first since we were already "in the area" to have to big city fun before our small town wedding.

We left on kind of a crappy day. Everyone always complains about how desolate Western Nebraska is, but it was actually kind of beautiful. We drove out to Denver in some overcast weather (Welcome back fall), yet the seven hour drive went by pretty fast. 

When we finally made it to Colorado (and gained an hour, thanks  also Mountain Time), we wanted to stop at one of the many breweries. Now, I'm not much of a beer drinker, but hey, everyone always keeps talking about how much better the beer is out there. We stopped at the Flying Dog Tap House to have a few beers. On tap were two different brews while they had all of their bottles in a fridge. The staff there were extremely friendly, especially considering I admitted I don't particularly like beer. For the record, I only drank about half of the beer pictured above. I know, what a pussy right?

After the tap house we went to get real drinks at Star Bar, and yes, skee-ball was involved. Our hotel was located in downtown Denver  and we decided to walk out to Root Down for dinner. It was a bit of a jaunt (45 minute walk) but the sustainable, vegetarian food options were too good to pass up. 

The service at Root Down was fantastic. We decided on multiple small plates to share because why wouldn't you try a little bit of everything? That night we shared the Heirloom Tomato Terrine (jelly formed tomatoes), Seared Colombian Arepas which were my favorite dish of the night, and Veggie Burger Sliders. We shared a bottle of wine looking out on the lush garden that surrounded the restaurant

Oh, did I not mention we passed this great landmark on our way from the Tap House to our hotel? 


The next day we made an inevitable trip to H&M where I dropped far too much money. But before we made it there, we ate a delicious breakfast at Crepes N' Crepes

I hate to admit this, but I had honestly never consumed a crepe before. It was delicious. I opted for one of their savory crepes on special which was filled with chorizo, onions and potatoes with two eggs on top. Absolute perfection.

After we wondered around Denver, we drove out to Scottsbluff which honestly looked a lot like what I expected Denver to look like. The bluffs were gorgeous and completely unexpected. 

The residents of Scottsbluff / Gering / Terrytown were not particularly warm to us. We attempted to get some dinner at a local bar/grille (and during a Husker game none the less) but were brutally rebuffed. As the time of the wedding ceremony closed in, we cut our losses and left. 

The ceremony was lovely, short and sweet. The reception hall was decorated to the nines. Of course there was plenty of country music and line dancing involved. Many drinks were had, as were fun times. 

Our bizarre hotel room was noted with the below "post it" notes (they were pre-printed. we compared the two on the beds and they were exactly the same. Whaaa?)

I took pictures like the one below at the wedding. Trust me, it only got better from here. 

The trip back to Omaha wasn't that bad either. It's always interesting driving through towns you never knew existed before. Of course I didn't leave Denver without a souvenir for Cooper. 

He got a glass that says Rye (his favorite type of whiskey) while I bought a glass for myself which is much more less obvious as it just says WHISKEY.

All in all it was a great trip. Needless to say, I really missed these two boneheads by the time I got back home. 

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