Monday, September 10, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

I have miraculously returned from a trip to the west. Over the course of the last three days I have put close to 1,230 miles on my car traveling from Omaha to Denver to Scottsbluff (Chimney Rock!) back to Omaha. In case you've never crossed this great state of Nebraska, here's a map of my trip -

Overall, we drove about 18 hours. We passed through three states and I learned, to my surprise, that Scottsbluff actually looks a lot like how I imagined Colorado to look. It was my first trip out to Denver and I enjoyed the big city vibe, the accessibility of tap rooms, multiple vegetarian options for foods and of course the fact that I got to shop at a H&M (sorry wallet). Needless to say, I'm not quite prepared to go back to work tomorrow. I imagine around 10:30 am is when I'll have my first breakdown of the day. 

Either way, here are some internet findings that will hopefully be the silver lining to your Monday.
  • I was at a small town wedding this weekend. Needless to say, there was a lot of country music played. It was in quite contrast to these photos of couples getting married outside of New York city hall, but both are super romantic. 
  • God knows we love writing, but come on Bic, us ladies don't need a pen specifically made for our incredibly delicate fingers. Here's a hilarious reaction to Bic's new marketing scheme as well as other recommendations for products just for us. PS I would love a Paper Bag for Her. Someone please make this happen
  • Diner breakfasts were essential this last weekend with all the celebrating/vacationing I was doing. In Scottsbluff we dined at local hot spot Shari's where we learned each franchise is specifically shaped in a hexagon - for what purpose? We're not quite sure. Either way, if I'm craving a healthier version of the deliciousness from this weekend, I'm making these light eggs benedict with mock hollandaise sauce. 
  • Want to take a peek inside some of the best celebrity closets? Done
  • People always assume because I'm a redhead that I'm super Irish. Usually I let people go with this because, well, I sound kind of like a twat when I'm all, Actually my red hair comes from the Dutch side of my family. I bet all of these people feel the same way
  • For whatever reason, the last few times I've had drinks up a Krug Park, Cher's Believe is sure to play at least once throughout the night. I'm not arguing with the music selection, and here are 10 other decent uses of auto-tune
  • I need this Katherine Hepburn book for my coffee table. 
  • Love this discussion from AV Club about my favorite episode of Friends. My friends and I have threatened to do the same thing, but the stakes include me marrying my best female friend and armpit tattoos
  • I want to live in a world that looks like this one day. Hopefully soon

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