Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Omaha Secret Spot - Kenefick Park

We've spent a lot of time here writing about our favorite places in Omaha. What's great is that we keep discovering new little gems in our fair city. Case in point - this past weekend my family went to the Lauritzen Gardens to enjoy the warm, albeit muggy, weather we were having. When we arrived the admissions woman advised us that half of the garden had been shut down as part of the great and expensive Omaha Sewer Project

The woman told us before we paid and since they weren't discounting tickets we decided to cut our losses and head to lunch. Before we were out the door she recommended that we check out Kenefick Park up the road since that was free.

We walked up the many many stairs and arrived to the great view. It was incredible to walk around these massive pieces of machinery. 

Not only are there two locomotives up there, but there's also a brief history of Union Pacific. I've always enjoyed seeing old photos and reading about the history of our city, imagining what people were like in the 1940's and what the city itself looked like. 

So, if you ever find yourself in the area I would definitely recommend you make the climb to overlook people driving in and out of the place we call home. 

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