Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spooky Scary - Amateur Punkin Carvin'

We're taking in October by busying ourselves with classic Halloween activities. We already decorated part of Kerry's house  with a spooky scary spider web, but something felt missing. Luckily, everywhere you turn pumpkins are waiting to be bought, cleaned, gutted and carved (man that does sound spooky scary). 

Baker's is currently running a deal for three pumpkins for just $12. I went to pick out the cream of the crop and just for a half second thought about running away with my pumpkins without paying for them (seriously though, what stops people from just stealing these from store fronts?). 

Last October a few of our friends got together to carve pumpkins together. It was a blast and while some jack-o-laterns turned out better than others - Disney Princess's are really hard to carve - we were more than ready to tackle the challenge again this year.

Unfortunately our creativity was running a little on empty. We researched different designs but decided to keep it simple. I went with a classic toothy, smiling jack-o-latern while Kerry decided to carve an emoticon which she accidentally inverted the design for. Here are a few snapshots we took from our carving adventure -

I bought three different sized pumpkins and we decided to test out our skills using the smaller ones. Getting a huge pumpkin seems like a good idea, until you have to scoop out all of the shit inside.

One of the first lessons we learned last year was to take the time to really clean out the guts of the pumpkin. For the most part we used our hands, but if you invest in a pumpkin carving kit, they usually come with a nice scoop which easily takes out the innards as well as sets the base for a thinner wall to carve through. Be careful though, you don't want to scoop out too much otherwise you'll end up with a sunken in pumpkin carving.

Here are the insides from our two pumpkins.

Kerry drew out her design while I tried to use one of the pre-made templates from the carving kits she bought. I initially tried to make a spider web with a spider, but the detail was just too much and I ended up removing too many small pieces so I scrapped my idea and went with a run of the mill jack-o-latern face.

If you don't want your creations to be a fire hazard, then consider buying LED candles to place inside. They give off the same flickering effect as a normal candle without the fear of burning your house down. Win Win!!

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