Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spooky Scary - Spider Web Door

October just happens to be our favorite month of the year. As the sun keeps going down earlier and earlier and it officially becomes jacket weather, the silver lining that is Halloween is slowly approaching.

Halloween is a magical time where you get to dress up as someone you're not and possibly win a costume contest  (Yep, Kerry won Brother's coveted costume contest last year as the Statue of Liberty including a $50 bar tab). It's also a time where you can decorate your home with spooky-scary items like ghosts and skulls. 

That being said, when I saw this easy webbed door decoration on  Better Homes & Gardens website it seemed like the perfect time to start readying ourselves for Halloween. 

What You'll Need:
  • A Roll (Maybe Two Rolls) of Electrical Tape
  • Scissors

Well, we started our decorating by drinking some hard cider. So if that's you're type of thing, add a six pack to the above list.

We went with a mixed pack.

Kerry just moved into a new house and she has these huge windows. We started by trying to outsmart the project by measuring the window and splitting it so the design would be a hexagon and blah, blah, blah. We gave that up pretty fast and used about nine pieces of tape to make the outer web, then used longer pieces of tape from the center of the web to the edges to act as guides to where to make the inner web

Once Kerry finished with the inner web, she went back and filled in more to make the web even bigger

Here's the finished product! We used an entire roll of electrical tape, but keep in mind this decoration is pretty large - AND INCREDIBLY EASY!!

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