Monday, October 1, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Can you guys believe it's October already?! I love driving around  town this time of year watching the trees change color. Going up and down the hills in neighborhoods around Dundee. It's a magical few weeks which always go by too fast. Before we know it, the trees will be barren and the smell of snow will be in the air. 

Ugh, enough about that. Let's enjoy the last few nice weeks we have left!! Get outside! Walk your dog! Go on a bike ride! Sit on a patio! So, as we go into the first week of October (and a new quarter at work) here are a few distractions to help ease the pain -
  • First off, today marks the launch of Hello Holiday a charming new online store owned and operated by two smart and sassy Omaha gals Megan & Sarah. Check out the store today, we bet you'll find something unique and stylish to buy.
  • Like I said before, it's a wonderful time of year but one that doesn't seem to last too long. As the days are getting shorter, the first and last lights of the day are more probable to see. To remind you how beautiful that is, this series of crossed horizons will help. 
  • Shortlist of the week - 30 most evil lines from books
  • Thank god Parks & Rec came back. Vulture visited their set a few weeks ago, have we every told you guys how much we love Amy Poehler?
  • The New York City Ballet + Valentino = Absolute Beauty
  • This video of a bulldog jumping on a trampoline is adorable
  • It seems like we're still in heavy wedding season. Here's a great Infographic to let you know whether or not you're attending (or hosting) a hipster wedding
  • We love our iPhones. We would probably die without them. Are we excited about the iPhone 5? Yeah, but if these are the only big differences between the two, we'll save $250 and keep our old versions.
  • This look at Winona Ryder's cult career reminded me why I love her so much
  • OMG this article about why Kimmy Gibbler wasn't really the wacky neighbor is fantastic and SO TRUE

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