Monday, October 22, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

What a beautiful weekend we just had! I love when it's late October and you can still find yourself sitting out on a patio. As always, it goes to fast. So here we arrive at the beginning of another work week. I'll be spending my week working on converting our basement into a practice space. Oh, did I not mention that Cooper gave me a drum kit for my birthday? 

If you need a distraction from the mundane Monday blues, here are some internet findings for your fancy - 
  • Since we're getting closer and closer to Halloween, here are 15 scary movies to stream online this week. We recommend you want these with the lights on.
  • Have you figured out what your going to be for Halloween yet? I'm always so annoyed when you go to those big ass Halloween stores and the only "women's" costumes you an find are super slutty. Can someone explain this phenomenon to me? Look here to see this ridiculousness in comparison to men's costume options. Of course, here's the most classic example:

  • We're kind of addicted to Twitter. I was very hesitant to start, but now I just can't stop. Here is Twitter being used in it's best way as authors try to pen 140 character novels. If you're on Twitter, you can follow this blog @WiseOwl_SlyFox or us individually @tropicofFrancis and @kerryjones5000
  • Speaking of novels, enjoy this look at the ten most twisted couples in literature. 
  • I don't know if I've ever mentioned this here, but I LOVE George Michael. It's not even a guilty pleasure anymore, I unabashedly subscribe to the church of GM. This collection of love songs written about women by gay men includes a tune from Sir Michael himself from his days in Wham!
  • I wish Kerry would dress up little Ollie like this. Totes Adorbs.
  • I just can't help myself with the Halloween links - here are 18 looks into a few couple's 10/31 nuptials. 
  • Watch this trailer for new film Save The Date. I hope it comes here soon!
  • Another social networking site we adore is Instagram. If you're out there too, here are some tips for taking better photos. 
  • Last Halloween related note - watch this supercut of 50 television characters in costume. I vote Penny and Max's costume as the most hilarious.

And here's my obligatory "Look how adorable my dog is" contribution. What a weirdo - 

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