Monday, October 8, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

October is certainly shaping up to be a great month. I'm loving how chilly it's getting outside and wearing tights again. There also has been a ton of celebrating with engagement announcements and weddings. Maybe a little too much celebrating, but it always feels so incredibly terrific to gather as a group and commemorate two  individual people finding each other and sharing love. 

But it's time to get my head out of the clouds as we go into this upcoming work week. If you're bummed out about going back to work, here are a few internet findings to make it a little better -
  • We'll start this week with a little snarky rebellion by taking a look at famous author's reactions to their work being banned. 
  • Are you on Instagram? We're kind of addicted to it. If you ever want to add a personal touch to your home we recommend you look into making some StickyGrams. PS if you want to follow us on Instagram: Meghan - @tropicoffrancis Kerry - @kerryjones
  • I want to learn how to play drums mostly so I can look like this while playing
  • So glad I came across this list of books to get the music snob in your life - Cooper's next few birthday gifts will definitely be coming from here
  • Looking for something to do this week? Go to this Beach House show
  • Speaking of people getting hitched - here are 24 grooms whose reactions to seeing their brides are a little more bizarre than romantic
  • So you know how Karl Lagerfeld showed that ridiculously huge purse at his Chanel show? Well here's the DIY version in case you wanted to carry it in real life
  • Super excited for American Horror Story to start up again in the middle of the month, if you're a fan here's another sneak peek at the upcoming season
  • Uh, this Gumby costume is pretty incredible
  • For Meatless Monday try this Apple and Cheddar Penne Pie

Finally, I made a trip to Target this weekend and spent WAY too much money. Among my purchases was this Hot Dog costume for Bebop. The great thing? He actually seems to like it.

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