Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What To Do With White Wall Space - Mix Tape

I was recently inspired to move around a few items in my house - namely, a bookshelf holding our movie collection. When we first moved into our house we kept the television back in our bedroom along with our movies. After this infamous trip to Ikea, we purchased a mid-rise bookshelf to hold Cooper's records which pleasantly fit our massive TV as well.

Now, that was about three months ago. Even though we moved the TV, the DVDs stayed right where we first placed them, near our bed. We finally moved them out to the main living room which means that I was left with a white bedroom wall that was just screaming to have something done with it. 

After I found this super simple idea from Better Homes and Gardens, I visited my local Hobby Lobby for supplies. Here's what you'll need:
  • A canvas
  • Paint and brushes
  • Tape
To start with, gather your supplies. I chose a larger, $20 canvas because the wall I had to cover was pretty big. I also used a glossy black acrylic paint and some leftover red paint from our Halloween costumes last year. 

Now, BHG recommends you paint the canvas first, then use white tape to make the lines after the paint has dried, but I took a different approach. Hobby Lobby didn't have white tape so I used artists tape which I placed across the canvas in a way that was appealing to me. 

Then I painted the canvas, being careful to watch where my tape was so my lines stayed clean. This turned out to be a little difficult.  The tape I used didn't want to stay down which is why I think the way BHG recommended to do this project might have been a little easier. Leave it to the experts, right? Here's my canvas when I was about halfway done painting -

After I was done, I went back and did a second coat. Then I waited for the paint to dry and carefully removed the painter's tape. My lines turned out pretty clean, but not perfect.

All in all this project took me less than an hour to complete and I'm pretty happy with the end results.

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