Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Embarking on a Nebraskan Tradition - Husker Football

One thing is for sure, Nebraskans + Football = Madness. The legend of Husker Football is a long one, rife with glory, sadness, and the rise of a man named Tom Osborne. And while Kerry and I spent four wonderful years in Lincoln attending the school located in the epicenter of Husker Nation, we just don't get the deal with football.

So when I tell you that I went tailgating in Lincoln this past weekend, you're first question should be why? Well, one of my good friends works in Lincoln and her company sponsors Blur parties which are essentially a free for all of booze, food and gaming. 

For $20 you gain access to two bars featuring five beers on tap, a limited amount of wine, enough Husker juice to make you stupid, a huge buffet, and the one of the best people watching spots I've ever been to. 

Yes, it was crowded. Yes, there were a lot of drunk dummies there. Yes, I had to almost fight an older woman who tried to steal my table. But if you're willing to put up with people's idiocy, it's not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Sure, I don't know what the fuck is going on in these games and I certainly don't know who any of the players are or what they do BUT the camaraderie of it all is actually quite enthralling. Dare I even say it's fun.
One of my favorite moments was watching my friends play tippy cup and taking shots from an interesting contraption called a shotsky. Every ten minutes or so the DJ called for us to cheer, which after a few drinks becomes pretty damn fun. HUSKER! POWER! 

Now, I probably won't be returning to Lincoln anytime soon, but I'm not going to totally shit on tailgating either because I can't argue with mass amounts of drinks, grilling, and making homosexual remarks toward the announcer. 

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