Thursday, November 1, 2012

What to Do With White Wall Space - Taped Frames

Welcome to another edition of our slow move into projects for the home! To be honest, while I love my home and try to make it a place I want to be, because I don't own this house I take a very easy and simple (alright, also cheap) approach to "decorating". It always seems like I'm just finding temporary fixes because even though I hate the 1970's backsplash in my kitchen, I'm certainly not going to pay to update it. And I always just assumed landlords didn't want you to call them up saying, "Hey, that place you rented me is not aesthetically pleasing, FIX IT," amiright? 

So many trips to Ikea have been made over the years and as my house started to fill with cheap Swedish goods, it felt like it lost some personality. I was feeling very despondent about this when I came across this great DIY project from Design*Sponge. Sure,  it says it's for dorm decorating, but let's just be honest - even though I'm 26 I'm just as cheap as any 19 year-old. 

  • Old Magazines
  • X-Acto Knife or Scissors
  • 4-5 Rolls Washi Tape (You Can Find a Variety of Kinds Here. I tried to find some at Hobby Lobby and Dick Blick but came out empty handed from both establishments)

First of course sift through those back-issues of Vogue and Elle you've been saving over the last few years but haven't done anything with (I'm kind of a hoarder this way). Once you have your selected pieces, pick a small odd number to start with. This project does take some time as it's a game of trial and error. The first frame I made was all sorts of wonky, but once I saw what a bad one looked like it was easier to envision what would look good.

I ended up mixing a lot of the tapes together. I tried to pick four rolls which were neutral but also playful. The red sparrow tape is probably my favorite. 

In the end, this was an easy, cheap project that made my walls a little prettier and my stack of old Vogue's smaller.

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