Friday, November 2, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

This weeekend I am leaving Omaha in the safe and capable hands of my cohort. I am heading North with my mother to a magical land full of modern, inexpensive furniture. Some call it Ikea, I call it Heaven. To be honest, I've never actually been to Ikea but I do get their catalogue and browse their website on a frequent basis. Since I just moved into a new home now seemed like the perfect time to go before the winter weather takes over. Even though I will be away for the weekend, I've compiled a list of some great things going on in Omaha this weekend! As the work week winds down, Wise Owl + Sly Fox and crew are getting wound up for the weekend!

FRIDAY November 2
  • Holy smokes, it's a new month already. A new month brings another First Friday. Benson First Friday continues to grow and grow. Check out their Facebook page for a comprehensive list of all that's going on!
  • Brother's Lounge is combining Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos celebrations in one this year. As usual they have 138, a Misfits cover band, playing, and are giving away prizes to the best 3 costumes. (Which Wise Owl may have won last year.)
  • The Omaha Symphony gets less boring and plays the music of The Doors Friday and Saturday at the Holland.

SATURDAY November 3
  • Get goth-y with it. It's the 9th annual Goth Ball at The Slowdown and Dead Wave just so happens to be playing! Put on some eyeliner and pull out all your black clothing.
  • Top Hat is opening at Film Streams. I have never seen this movie but it stairs Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts and I am always down for some singin and dancin.
  • Apparently this has been going on all week but we just found out about it. The Crescent Moon celebrates the reuben: they will be serving the classic along with some spins on the sandwich. Yes, please. 
  SUNDAY November 4
  • Check out this awesome poetry reading at Pet Shop in Benson!
  • If you feel like staying in and cozying up on the couch with some tube-age, might we suggest RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race? The season just started last week and the first two episodes are up on You may see us tweeting references to the show for the next 6 weeks...

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