Friday, November 9, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

I don't know why this is, but this year has been the fastest of my life. I feel like it was just starting to warm up when now it's starting to cool down. This week in particular has flown by, it feels like I traveled 5 days through time. I'm exited because the high on Saturday is 78 degrees! NOT typical November weather at all. But, more typically, the high then on Sunday is a mere 35. Clearly we all need to bask in the warmth on Saturday and get out of the house while we can. I personally plan on taking my pup on a long walk through our beautiful neighborhood. To help you out in your weekend planning, we've put together a list of the choicest events going on in town. As the work week winds down, WO + SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend!

FRIDAY November 9
  • I have not been dancing in a damn long time. Luckily, House of Loom always has something going on and tonight it's Audibly Nutritious' One Year Anniversary party. Of course, if I do this, I will have to get drunk.
  • On the tamer side of things, The Big Picture is opening at Film Streams tonight. Catherine Deneuve stars in this French Film, what more do I need to say? (I love her.)
  • If you would rather watch live music than dance, you are in luck because up in Benson is the OEAA Music Nominee Showcase. Tons of bands are playing at tons of venues, take your pick! You pay ten bucks to be able to go to all the shows!

SATURDAY November 10
  • "Monster" a new art exhibit opens at the RNG Gallery (connected to Dixie Quicks) on Friday. Sure, you could go to the opening but might we suggest making some Saturday night dinner reservations at DQs and THEN checking out the gallery? Your tastebuds will thank you, my friends.
  • GET OUT! Do all the things you possibly can in this 78 degree weather because mark our words, you never know when you will have another day like this in the near future again!
  • games ++ is "a free 12-hour game development event where participants build games from scratch over 10 hours, then put down their mice and pencils so the public can play their creations". This event at the Bemis Underground sounds super cool and I've sort of always wanted to make my own board game, as nerdy as this sounds. At 7 the public can go test out the games!
  • So Meghan is going tailgating. No, I'm not kidding. Apparently there are these tailgating parties in Lincoln that I think you pay to get into? And then they have food and drinks? I'm not really sure but she is going.
  • You could also watch the Husker game if that's the way you swing.
  • Always wanted to go to Grey Plume but can't swing the prices? You are in luck because they are now offering "bar snacks", with the highest price snack being $12.00. Check out this article on for a review of the snacks!

SUNDAY November 11
  • So, there are not a lot of events I could find that I was interested in on Sunday. Since there will be that drop in temperatures, why not stay in and do some crafting? I just noticed the Omaha World Herald's "Handmade Holidays" series they have been printing and I already want to do the two crafts I've read about. Go to your local craft store and challenge yourself to make some  homemade gifts this year!

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