Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: Baxter's

When I heard that the owners of Lot 2 were opening up a second, but different, restaurant up in Benson my mouth immediately started to water. Baxter's is a classier take on late-night dining with a menu full of pizza and sandwich options using fresh ingredients like goat cheese, fresh greens, and various types of mushrooms. 
The space used to be occupied by Ella's which we only set foot in once. The updated space is much cleaner and modern, but warm with glossy wood high tables, bar seating and huge chalkboards listing the menu items. It's pretty comparable to the decor in Lot 2 - minimalist but classic. The staff at Baxter's was a little slow, but hey they just opened so there are always going to be some kinks to be worked out. 

I was excited to try Baxter's veggie sandwich because I'm still searching for the perfect veggie sandwich here in town (my go-to is Doozy's but of course it's only open on the weekdays for lunch, and it's downtown so I never get it). When I saw the option to combo my meal with tater tots and a drink I about squealed because tater tots are like the coolest and most underused side item option. 

Overall my sandwich was good. The menu listed a vinaigrette  which I was worried would overpower the sandwich, but ended up being a sweet compliment to the spring mix and red peppers. The portions were pretty spot on too and the house-made ketchup was a nice touch even though I thought the spicy ketchup could have packed a bigger punch. 

Cooper opted for the pizza combo which came with a caesar salad. The salad's dressing was perfect and the sauce on the pizza was savory. The sausage was easily the most delicious topping on his pizza. I assumed it would be since I've had the bangers and mash at Lot 2 and that shit is delicious. See, here's where I think Baxter's has the upper hand on other Benson establishments - they can share their goods. 

I definitely look forward to visiting Baxter's in the future. And I'm even more thankful it's presence will encourage people to eat while bouncing around from bar to bar. In case you haven't figured it out yet - you should never drink on an empty stomach, especially when there are places like Baxter's to satisfy that "third meal" craving (God I hate that Taco Bell coined that phrase, but damn is it actually quite clever). 

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