Thursday, December 20, 2012

Serving Yuletide Realness - An Extravaganza Eleganza

This past weekend we invited some of our squirrel friends over to stuff our faces with food and drinks and indulge ourselves in some much needed girl talk. We asked that everyone bring an appetizer or dessert item and there was no shortage of deliciousness. From  salmon bites to super rich peanut and chocolate dessert bars to Kerry's amazing baked brie, the table was soon piled full of dishes that I just wanted to stick my face directly in. As the night progressed our topics of conversation ranged from Ke$ha to Les Mis (like I said real girly stuff) to what we wanted for Christmas. It turned out to be one of those really nice, relaxing times where the laughs are genuine and conversations warm. 

When I saw this adorable post, I knew we needed to have an eggnog bar. Eggnog isn't something that I typically buy during the holiday season, but when I saw three different flavors at our local grocery store I just couldn't help myself. It also didn't hurt that the store's liquor section had a sampling of some discounted spiced rum and whisky. 

We also used Kerry's Keurig machine to offer a little hot, but still spiked, drink option. 

I made a Beer & Cheddar dip whose tangy flavor was complimented well by pretzels. Kerry wowed the crowd with her Bloomin' Brie Bowl. I could easily eat one of those every single day. All in all the night was a definite success. 

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