Saturday, December 1, 2012

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

It being December 1st and all we thought is was finally appropriate to bring a little Christmas cheer to our little blog. (PS the title of this post is my very very least favorite Xmas song in the history of Xmas songs, but damn, it is quite catchy). 

Now when it comes to Christmas decorating, Kerry doesn't mess around. When she asked me to come over to help her decorate her tree, which was her Black Friday purchase, I wasn't expecting her to bring up two giant tubs of Xmas/Santa paraphernalia
She claims most of her decorations were given to her but I think she just really really enjoys the holiday. As we unpacked her Santa collection and ornaments that ranged from her Grandmother's vintage hand-painted glass ornaments (pictured above, beautiful right?) to Disco balls to a shiny pickle she bought on her trip to Disney World it was apparent these items weren't just decorations, they were memories. 

So here's to the reason for the season. This month we hope you all focus on making new memories with the people you love. 

And of course these two weirdos kept busy while we decorated...

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