Monday, December 17, 2012

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

As the countdown to Christmas continues, we've been spending most of our days indoors, creating new drink concoctions, baking homemade goodies and laughing with our friends and families. My Christmas gift came a little early this week when my parents generously bought me a nice new camera. I have a feeling from this moment forward you'll be seeing me out with said camera around my neck. Yay for the holidays!!

Here we have arrived again at the beginning of yet another work week. In case you're feeling a little sluggish today here are a few internet findings to get your brain moving - 

  • In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting we all must keep the affected families in our hearts during this incredibly difficult time which no parent should ever have to go through. That being said, it's time to seriously take a look at the state of our mental health care system. Here's a great read from a mother who lives every day caring for a child with special needs. 
  • Even though we've been focusing our time and energy on Christmas, New Year's Even is right around the corner. Here are 51 DIY projects to make your NYE party even better. 
  • As we wrap up 2012, let's take a look at the 25 best red carpet looks from this past year. If I could get married in that dress Emma Stone wore to the Golden Globes I would die a very happy woman
  • OMG Kate Spade and Keds are collaborating on a line of sneakers! Ever since I was a kid I've always loved Keds. In fact from age 5 on I refused to wear any other sneaker. Someone please buy me the pair with the blue tipped toes in February!
  • Another shoe related item - I may also need these shoes which are actually scented. Yeah I'm not ashamed to admit it, I got some smelly feet. 
  • Flavorwire put together this great list of gifts for pop culture icons. PS I totally bought that Bill Cunningham shirt Sunday night (!!). 
  • Ever think about what you would wear to interview with Anna Wintour? Here are what 13 other women wore. All I have to say is I would love to wear some Doc Martins in front of her now and see if I still got the job.  
  • Here are three easy nail art designs using scotch tape! I'm sure Anna would approve of any of these (not).
  • I recently bought a bunch of mason jars. I've been making new drink mixes and portioning them out in them, and we just used a few to serve eggnog in for our holiday party this past weekend. My next mason jar project? This
And yes, here's Bebop being all sorts of regal and shit - 

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