Friday, December 21, 2012

Wind Down / Wound Up

It's here, people: the last weekend before Christmas. Or, if you're a believer, it's the last day of the world??? If it's the last day of the world I will be pretty pissed that I spent the night before the last day of the world snowed in. But at least I will have died at home, surrounded by my belongings and my dog. BUT, if you are all reading this, congratulations, the world probably hasn't ended - depending on what time zone you're in??? I don't know, it's all a little fuzzy to me. So just in case the world DOESN'T end, and you're looking for something to do this weekend, we've gathered some of the choicest events going on in Omaha this weekend to help you out. As the work week winds down, WO+SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend. 

FRIDAY December 21
  • It's one of our squirrel friend's birthday's (HBD, J!), so we are celebrating by first having dinner at Sake Bombers, which I learned today is really just a part of Blue. Duh. I haven't had GOOD sushi in a long time and I'm definitely looking forward to this dinner. 
  • After din din we'll be heading down to see Ladyfinger at the Slowdown, supported by Back When, Everyday/Everynight, and Maps for Travelers.
  • If you feel like bumpin' and grindin' like there's no tomorrow (and if there really IS no tomorrow, why the fuck not?) head over to House of Loom for their Mayan End of the World Party.
SATURDAY December 22
  • Obviously we all know what day Christmas is on, myself included, but somehow it slipped away from me this year and I am still not prepared at all. I've been writing about needing to buy presents for three damn weeks now and I sort of still haven't really. Apparently I take after my father cuz I am going shopping with him this weekend. I suggest you all do the same before another storm hits the metro and you find yourself present-less. 
  • Maybe you're done your shopping but still need to do some cooking or baking or candy-making? I know I do as well. These recipes on for quick potato cookies and black pepper cookies really have me intrigued so I may try to whip up a batch at some point! 
  • It's the perfect weekend to go ice skating! I have never been to the Con Agra rink and I really would like to make it down there.
SUNDAY December 23
  • Another thing I've never done is seen Mannheim Steamroller which is another thing I'd like to really do at some point because I dig the way they jazz up my Christmas faves. Also, Chip Davis meat rub is the shit. Check 'em out at the Orpheum today. 
  • My fam are in town - my bro and my aunt so I'm thinking I'll be having some family fun times. I bought Apples to Apples specifically for the occasion. Hope you all get some time to spend with your loved ones as well!

 P.S.: Check out this still from the awesome Elf Yourself video I made:

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